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    Body Skin Care

    Fair , healthy and glowing skin attracts everybody's attention. Ayurveda has many solutions to have a fair , healthy and glowing skin.

    According to ayurveda skin has seven layers . When imbalanced doshas affect these layers different type of skin diseases arise. Doshas may get imbalanced in body and locally on skin.

    Vata dosha is dominant in skin . The qualities of vata dosha are Cold, Light, Dry, Rough, Hard and Mobililty. When vata dosha gets aggravated the skin becomes dry, cracked, rough, dark, dull, lifeless, fissured and scaly. Vata dosha is only one dosha which has a capacity to move in nuke and corner of body and also has a deeper penetrating power. Vata, when get imbalanced vitiates other to doshas i.e pitta and kapha.

    When vata vitiates pitta the skin will get rashes, burning sensation, eruptions and other allergic manifestations. The sweat will have a bad odor .When kapha gets vitiated due to imbalanced vata oil secretion increases, acne and pimples erupt. The skin becomes dull and luster less.

    For a healthier skin the vata should be always in normal balanced condition. The balanced vata keeps all other tissues and remaining two doshas in healthy condition. The imbalanced vata vitiates the tissues of skin and leads numerous skin problems.


    Consult Dr.Savitha Suri and Dr.Krishna Rao to get  herbal body skin care kit formulated. The formulated kit will be Shipped in India or outside India according to the requirement.

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