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Herbal Body Cleanser
  1. For body rejuvenation
  2. Detoxification of body.
  3. Regular emptying of bowels.
  4. Skin rejuvenation


Herbal Oil for body Massage


  1. Slows aging process

  2. Makes skin healthy, fresh, smooth and  soft.

  3.  Sesame oil based.

  4. Rejuvenates body and mind by balancing doshas.

Herbal Face Packs
  1. For Dry skin
  2. For Normal skin
  3. For oily skin


Fairness Kit

An effective herbal remedy for acne, pimples, marks and uneven skin.

Oily skin care kit

A complete herbal care for oily skin.

Dry skin care kit

Herbal solutions for cracks, wrinkles and dry skin.

Dark circle kit

Natural approach to under eye  dark circles
Body skin care kit

An herbal care for normal skin.

Face packs

Choose the right herbal face pack for your skin.

Herbal Teas for skin 

An effective combination of herbs which give a golden glow to skin from inside.

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Testimonials for Fairness kit and Dark circle kit

I am really happy to see the difference in my face. It started glowing and gaining fairness. The pimples on the face getting lesser. Even my body started becoming fair slowly. Thanks very much for such a good medicines.

- Sruj, Australia

Dear doctor,

Thank you for answering my letter. I' have followed the tips from you from your site; I have started practising pranayam and I have used cucumber  juice a couple of times. After a couple of times I have seen some  difference; the dark circles became a bit lighter. When I have any questions or doubts I will contact you.


Shalini , USA

Dear Dr.Suri

I have been buying the Fairness Kit for more than 2 times.  It was really good.  My face has become so clear and fair. 

Hitha, USA

Dear Dr SavithaSuri,

 I have been using the herbal tablets now for just over 5 weeks and already I have noticed a great improvement in my skin condition. The herbal oil and face pack have left my skin glowing and the acne is really improving. old scars are also starting to fade which is really good. I really would recommend these products.


Lesley , UK

Ayurvedic facial treatment kit

A complete ayurvedic approach  to treat your facial skin at home

Treat pimple, acne, wrinkles, black circles black patches at home.

Now a naturally smooth, fair and glowing skin is yours.



Your products and services are very good .

Recardo, Spain.


Hi doc

I received the herbs today. I have to say, I'm quite impressed with the efficinecy of your service! Thank you.

Marianne, Ireland

Dear Dr.SavithaSuri

I got rid of acne, pimples ,blackheads after doing facials using fairness kit. This therapy has boosted my confidence. 

Pinky, Bangalore, India       


Treatment for Pimple, acne, moles, dark circles:-

Balance your doshas by adopting the modified   diet and life styles. Take rejuvenating herbal drinks .

Apply a face pack containing
    masoora, kushta, kaaliyaka etc later

Following this procedure for seven days makes your face pimple ,acne and dark circle free.

Hello Dr. Suri.  

Its been 3 weeks since I have used the fairness kit and I am very happy to say that my skin has cleared up dramatically and I don't seem to be getting any more pimples.  I am very pleased as I have spent lots of money buying other products trying to get these results.  I plan on buying another month's supply.  I do have a question though....is there anything I can get to help remove facial scars. I still have some from my old pimples.  That's the only thing left for me to take care of.  Will the fairness kit help the scars fade, or can I purchase something else?  Ok well once again thank you VERY MUCH for allowing me to like what I see when I look in the mirror again!  Thank you.   

-Jobin  USA

Hello Dr. Suri, 

I am using the face pack about once every 5 days.  Basically I am pimple-free now, I'm just trying to get rid of the scars...but the improvement from when I first started has been amazing.  Once again, thank you very much

-Jobin  ,USA

Dear Dr. SavithaSuri,

The products that I have been using for the last month are:   Herbal body cleanser along with the herbal face pack and the dark circle pack.  I have been taking the herbal tablets every day and I have seen the difference in the condition of my skin.  I am getting less spots and my eczema also seems to be under control.

A Free guide of ayurveda for fair and glowing skin

"Say no" to pimples ,acne ,dark circles ,tanned skin and marks
Fairness in 7 days at home

The face pack is really helping as it is leaving my face feeling clearer and fresher. At the moment I have been using this every other day but I think I'm going to increase this to every day to help eliminate the marks on my face. I took your advice and I am now using gram flour to wash my face with rather than soap and the results are much better.

Overall the products have been very helpful.

Kind regards
, UK






Thank you very much once again for the materials you sent us the last time. We are very happy with your products "Fairness kit and Hair care kit.Please arrange to send 2 months supply of each kit


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