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Genital Herpes kit - Testimonials


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Genital Herpes kit - Testimonials

Dear Dr.Savitha Suri,
I am so happy to inform you that I have taken a one month course of your herbal medicines for the treatment of genital Herpes. Mine was a very chronic condition with almost continuous eruptions without a break. After using your medicines I am happy to state that there has been no outbreak for the last one month. I look forward to continuing the treatment and hope to have a permanent cure. I wish you all the very best in your wonderful efforts.
Warm regards.

Dear doctor
Thank you very much for your quick reply and supply. Your herpes kit has has really worked very well. The span between the attack has definitely increased and the severity of attacks has lessened.

Genital Herpes Kit Genital Herpes Ayurveda store
A complete ayurveda guide for Genital Herpes.
The kit includes ayurveda preparations
To boost body immunity and to rejuvenate the body
To purify Blood and lymph.
To balance imbalanced doshas and normalize vitiated tissues.
To rejuvenate the affected skin .
Literature on diet and life style modifications.

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Immunity boosters

Blood and Lymph purifiers.

Skin Rejuvenators

Genital Herpes Ayurveda store

Dear Doctor
I have taken take full five months course of medicine for genital herpes for last five months as per your advice .
And also I have completed 2 more months medications with tapering dosage as advised by you.Now Genital herpes has completely cured and the affected areas are completely back to normal and skin eruptions have fully stopped and no more outbreaks and symptoms are not shown in the body .

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