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Texts of ayurveda recommend natural herbs and herbal preparations to boost immunity, reduce severity of outbreak and reduce frequency of outbreaks. These natural ayurvedic herbs act as body coolants

Genital Herpes Ayurveda Store

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Symptoms that you experience Consult Dr.Savitha Suri and Dr.Krishna Rao to get the kit formulated according to symptoms . The formulated kit will be Shipped in India or outside India according to the requirement.

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Frequency of attacks more and symptoms severe.
Frequency of attacks less and symptoms severe.
Frequency of attacks more and symptoms less severe
Frequency of attacks less and symptoms less severe



Genital Herpes Kit Genital Herpes Ayurveda store
A complete ayurveda guide for Genital Herpes.
The kit includes ayurveda preparations
To boost body immunity and to rejuvenate the body
To purify Blood and lymph.
To balance imbalanced doshas and normalize vitiated tissues.
To rejuvenate the affected skin .
Literature on diet and life style modifications.

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Immunity boosters

Blood and Lymph purifiers.

Skin Rejuvenators

Genital Herpes Ayurveda store

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