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In ayurveda they have given a detailed description about Inflammation of colon. The symptoms, causes, and treatments are very well explained.

The following are the symptoms of Inflammation of colon as mentioned in ayurvedic books like CHARAKA , SUSHRUTA . Crampy pain, gassiness, bloating, and changes in bowel habits. Some people have constipation; others have diarrhea; and some people experience both. Sometimes the person has a crampy urge to move the bowels but cannot do so. Feeling of dryness in palate Pain in anus Delayed digestion. Lethargy, Stools differ in consistancy and may be associated with mucous, froth or blood.



Many preparations which give good relief in Inflammation of colon have been illustrated in Ayurveda. Here we have selected few preparations from classical therapies illustrated by CHARAKA,SUSHRUTA and VAGBHATA, which can be prepared at home very easily using the ingredients that are very easily available on kitchen shelves. The formula to prepare effective ayurvedic medicine for inflammation of colon, will be provided through this site in order to propagate the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines.

1. Mix a pinch of dry ginger powder in hot water and consume this in early morning.

2.Cook radish with bengal gram and add a pinch of salt and pepper. This can be used as soup in diet.

3.Consumption of buttermilk regularly controls the symptoms of Inflammation of Colon.

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