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Libido Analysis

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    Libido Analysis  Special consultations for low Libido

    Know the perfect and natural remedy for Low libido, erectile dysfunction , poor semen quantity and quality through a special ayurvedic consultation "Libido analysis". Through Libido analysis we analyze the causes for the problems encountered in sexual life of a person. The analysis and diagnosis is based on ayurvedic principles .  The treatment suggested is to treat the root cause (not a symptomatic treatment).

    The Libido analysis consists of

    • Determination of body constitution which is known as Deha Prakriti in ayurveda.

    • Analysis of " Shukravaha srotas" ( Male Reproductive system ) of a person to diagnose the cause of low Libido.

    • Prescribing the required diet and life style for the correction of problems .

    • Suggestion of effective home remedies.

    • Formulating the effective ayurvedic therapy which includes names of classical ayurvedic preparations , their dosage , diet and life styles to be adopted during medication and duration of medication to cure the cause.

    • Patient will be contacted through email if more information regarding the problem is required.

    • All consultations will be done through email immediately.( Within 48 hrs )

    We charge $ 15 (US) for Libido analysis for patients outside India and

    Rs 350 for patients in India.

    The procedures to be followed to get the Libido analysis .

    1. Click on the links given below for payment.

    Patients outside India Pay here.

    Patients in India pay here.

    2. After payment click the following links to get fill the forms of analysis.
    * Constitution analysis.
    * Libido analysis.
    * It is necessary to fill both forms.

    3. After the receipt of payment a " Patient Code " will be sent through email . This code has to be mentioned on the required field in both forms.

    Email us as soon as you make payment drsavithasuri@gmail.com

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