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    Wrinkles and its natural ayurveda remedies

    Let us Know about Normal Skin before analyzing the skin with wrinkles.

    The skin is made up of 3 layers - the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis is the outer layer .The cells of the epidermis, move from the bottom layer of the epidermis to the top layer. Epidermis acts as a protective layer to external environment. As the cells reach the top layer they flake off.

    The second layer dermis, contains the connective tissues which are the structural elements of the skin. These tissues give skin the strength (collagen fibres), turgor , elasticity (elastin) etc. The cells of the epidermis receive their nutrients from the blood vessels in the dermis.

    Below dermis is the subcutaneous tissue containing fat cells. These fat cells act as insulation to the body. The skin looks plumpy due to fat cells.

    Due to innumerable causes changes occur in dermis and epidermis .This leads to formation of wrinkles.

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