ayurveda dhatus,ayurveda seven dhatus
There are several definitions for dhatu in ayurveda. Few of them are given below."Shareera dharanathdhatawaha" - The tissues which nourish the body and support it are called as dhatus."Poshanadharanayoho" - Those which nourish the successive tissue and support it."Dadhati datteya vaa shareera... Read more
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erectile dysfunction old age, old age erectile dysfunction.
Acharya charaka has given a detailed description of erectile dysfunction which is caused due to old age. According to Charaka samhita the age related sexual dysfunction occurs due to following reasons.•In old age man faces under nourishment due to various reasons. Reduced production of digestive... Read more
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genital herpes loss of appetite, genital herpes ayurveda,
Agni is the body fire, which is responsible for transformation of one substance to another. It breaks down the food substances, eliminates toxins and wastes, maintains body temperature, and resists the invasion of microbes by maintaining strong body immunity. The body fire which is assisted by... Read more
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Uttarayana, ayurveda, aadana kala, summer solstice
Uttarayana :  The phase when  north pole starts tilting towards sun on its rotational axis is known as Uttarayana.  Uttarayana includes three ritus and 6 months. They are as followsShishira  ritu – magha, phalguna – approx January 20 to March 20 - bitter taste... Read more
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skin care products tips, tips for beautiful skin
Women usually put their efforts to look beautiful and prevent signs of early aging. They use various lotions, lipsticks, creams in their daily skin care regimen. But many of them do not realize that it is equally important to know the product well, before using. It is essential to make sure that... Read more
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after food drinks, anupana ayurveda, ayurveda.
The drinks which are consumed after food or after medications are known as “anupana” in ayurveda.  These drinks help in healthy digestion of food and also enhance the therapeutic value of medications. Ayurveda acharyas describe the qualities of anupana or after food drink asThis means an ideal... Read more
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Diabetes infertility,
Diabetes is so common a disease these days, that even five year old kids, especially girls, know why they should not eat chocolates, cakes with icings etc. The knowledge comes out of love for parents. An item so sweet, so mouth watering, but often one of the parents is forbidden to eat! This... Read more
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Anyone that cares about their beauty will always want to find the best skin Ayurvedic products. Looking at the products available in both on and offline stores, one cannot fail to notice that there is a wide variety to choose from. The best option is to go for natural products because there are... Read more
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genetic factors of obesity, environmental causes of obesity, psychological factors of obesity, obesity and ayurveda,
We all know obesity is a global major health concern. Population of obese people have increased by leaps and bounds. Changed diet, globalization, introduction of packaged, processed high calorie food, stress, artificial beverages, sedentary lifestyle etc. contribute to obesity. Let us know in... Read more
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obesity ayurveda, uneven fat distribution, pear shaped fat distribution
Over weighted persons are at increased health risk than normal persons. They are more prone to chronic diseases like heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and few types of cancers. What is obesity?Excess amount of body fat is Obesity.Excess weight of muscles, bone, body... Read more
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causes of low semen quantity and quality, causes of low semen volume, link between erectile dysfunction and semen volume, low ejaculate volume causes.
According to ayurveda acharya charaka , when quantity and quality of semen reduces, erectile dysfunction sets in. The reasons for reduction in semen which cause erectile dysfunction in men are as follows.Consumption of following types of foods can cause in reduction of semen.Foods which are sticky... Read more
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stress management ayurveda
Stress and depression leads to low body energy level, disturbed sleep and feeling of exhaustion. Sleepless nights and exhaustion can cause dark circles, wrinkles, acne and pimples which make you look unhealthy and unattractive. Stress can also affect liver hindering its process of toxin expulsion.... Read more
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smoking affects sperm count
Most men are aware of the injurious effect of smoking on their well being. Scientific experiments and statistics have shown that smokers lose an average of 10-15 years from their life expectancy.It is a well known fact that smoking increases the risk of cancer, cardio vascular diseases (heart... Read more
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signs and symptoms of cancer
In Women:Symptoms of breast cancerLumps in breastsRetraction of nipplesDischarge of blood or water from nipples.Redness or scaling of  nipple or breast skinSymptoms of Uterus CancerConstant bloating of stomachBleeding between two consecutive periodsBleeding after menopauseIn MenSymptoms of... Read more
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ayurveda food tastes
Which are the ayurvedic foods and herbs that exhibit exceptional properties based on their taste ?According to principles of ayurveda functions of foods and herbs are determined based on taste. Taste of herb is one of the parameters to determine their effect on body. In previous posts the tastes of... Read more
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erectile dysfunction ayurveda, erectile dysfunction caused by injury, erectile dysfunction causes
According to texts of ayurveda, injury to male genital organ can cause erectile dysfunction. This injury may be due to trauma, infections, chronic diseases or imbalance of doshas . Thus when there is a failure to achieve proper supply of blood to male organ system, the erectile dysfunction sets in... Read more
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causes of gout flare ups,  gout ayurveda, diet to prevent gout flare ups
Text books of ayurveda refer gout as “vata rakta”.The vitiation of vata and also rakta (blood) together cause gout or “vata rakta”. The following factors vitiate blood and vata to cause gout flare ups.Increased consumption of foods which are salty, sour, spicy, alkaline and oily.Excessive usage of... Read more
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erectile dysfunction approach, erectile dysfunction holistic approach, approach to erectile dysfunction,erectile dysfunction
When a man faces erectile dysfunction he will be able to satisfy neither himself nor his partner. As this condition is very frustrating, it has to be tackled properly. Cooperation from partner is very vital in handling this situation. Here are few steps for the proper approach to solve this problem... Read more
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