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5 Proven Head Lice Home Remedies


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5 Proven Head Lice Home Remedies

If you are seeing red blotch around your kid's head and neck area, plus that little unshakable dandruff like particles on his/her every hair strands then your kid is suffering from head lice infestation. Now, this article will give you 5 proven head lice home remedies that you can easily do to end the head lice infestation that is happening in your kid's head.

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The following are 5 proven head lice home remedies:

1. Vinegar - This is known as one of the oldest and proven head lice home remedies. All you have to do is to mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar to 6 teaspoons of water. Before sleeping, dip a wad of cotton and apply it on your child's scalp or the roots of the hair. Afterwards, you have to use cloth to wrap around your kid's head. Ensure that it will stay there the whole night. If you do this at least two times per week then it will totally remove the lice from your kid's head. This is also best for eliminating dandruff.

2.Ground custard apple - Make use of ground custard apple. Turn it to a paste like consistency. Now, add it in an ample amount of water. You have to apply this on your kid's head and let is stay there overnight. Make sure to use a cloth to cover up your kid's head. The next day, wash the hair with shampoo. Now, this will eliminate the lice and nits, this is also good for dandruff.




3.Onion's Juice - Extract the onion's juice. Once it is done, apply it on your kid's scalp. Apply the onion extract from the scalp to the tip of the hair. The onion's sulfur will eliminate the lice from the head and hair of your kid. Repeat this procedure for 3 consecutive days. The nits will only be removed on the 2nd or 3rd day of use. This is one of the cheapest head lice home remedies that you should remember.

4.Garlic and Lemon Juice - Get a garlic clove and grind it, mix it with a dash of lemon juice. Use this mixture and massage your kid's head with it before she/he goes to bed. The next day, give her a head bath. The chemicals in the garlic will eliminate the lice. You can remove it by washing your kid's head. Do this for 5 days so your kid will be lice free.

5.Coconut Oil and Camphor - Get some fresh coconut oil. Add a bit of camphor powder to the oil. Apply this on your kid's head at night before going to bed. In the morning, wash the kid's head with shampoo. Do this for 4 days to be more effective.

Author : Amaechi Ekufu ; Headlice.com

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