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Yoga For Arthritis - Yoga Contributes To Pain Relief As It Builds Your Confidence

Health articles > Yoga For Arthritis - Yoga Contributes To Pain Relief As It Builds Your Confidence
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    Yoga For Arthritis - Yoga Contributes To Pain Relief As It Builds Your Confidence

    When you suffer from arthritis you get used to living with chronic pain, and pain relief usually comes in the form of a pill, rather than gentle exercise. But studies have shown that not only can yoga contribute to arthritis pain relief, but it provides other benefits too.

    Yoga Helps To Make You Strong, Flexible And Confident, Even Though You Have Arthritis

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    People with arthritis tend to cut down on their activities which leads to even more joint stiffening, and more pain. Undertaking some gentle yoga exercises not only improves your circulation and strengthens your bones and muscles, the exercises can also give you the confidence to live your life in spite of your arthritis.

    You don't need to bend yourself into a pretzel to do some yoga to help your arthritis. Breathing and self-awareness is at the core of yoga, so even standing up and breathing is a yoga exercise called Mountain Pose. This pose, just standing up and bringing your body into alignment as much as you can for a few moments, will help your posture, which translates into better balance in your daily activities.



    Other yoga exercises are modified for people who have arthritis, with chairs, bolsters and other props. You still get most of the benefits of the full pose, and over time, you may even find that you no longer need the props.

    Yoga Studio Or Self-Study?
    If you have a yoga studio in your location, the best way to get started with yoga exercises for your arthritis is by taking some classes. Most studios have classes for people with arthritis, and if they don't the instructors will make sure that you're comfortable with the right props during a class, and that you exercise at your own pace.

    If you're not near a studio, or if you find it hard to travel, you can learn gentle yoga exercises for arthritis from DVDs, in which the models performing the exercises have arthritis - so you can see what's possible for you.

    Try yoga for your arthritis. Not only will yoga contribute to pain relief, but you'll be much healthier, and much happier and more confident.

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