Ayurveda health benefits of Lajjalu -Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica)

health benefits of mimosa pudica, health benefits of sensitive plantThe plant lajjalu which is described in ayurveda has been identified as Mimosa Pudika (sensitive plant). This plant has different names like Namaskari, Shamipathra, Rekta Paadi, etc.,

It has been described as
sparshaat sankochataam yaati punashcha prasruta bhavet " -a plant which folds itself when touched and spreads its leaves once again after a while.

Properties or guna of lajjalu:
1.Lajjalu has tikta and kashaya rasa (bitter and astringent taste),
2.Has property of cold (sheetha).
3.Balances kapha, pitta.

Health benefits of Lajjalu (Sanskrit )-Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica)

It arrests bleeding.
Fastens the wound healing process.
Very useful in diarrhea (athisaara) Amoebic dysentery (raktaatisaara) and bleeding piles.
It is mainly used in herbal preparations for gynecological disorders.
It has been said to have medicinal properties to cure skin diseases.
It is also used in conditions like bronchitis, general weakness and impotence.
Usually leaves, flowers, stems, roots and fruits (Punchaangha = 5 parts of plants) are used as medicines. But the root is used mainly used.
Shushrutha has placed this plant in “Priyangwadi and ambhastadi “ gana.

Additional information about Mimosa Pudica or lajjalu

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