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Diabetes and Acne

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    Diabetes and Acne

    Acne is most controversial and depressing skin disorder now a days. 80% people all over the world has to face it and link it with many other problem and disease. Researches has been conducted on acne and its relation with other diseases. In fact till now the actual cause of acne is not confirmed yet, but most of the dermatologists are agreed that acne is caused by imbalance of hormones. Besides this people wants to know that either acne has some association with diabetes or not. 


    As many other issues, the relation between acne and diabetes are controversial as well. More researches has to be conducted to resolve this issue. In middle aged people, presence of acne boils validate this theory to some extend. If a person suffers with acne boils and there are very little or no signs of healing or it may re appear again and again then we can say that it may be sign of diabetes. If you suffer it with acne boils for more than fifteen days and you are above 40 years of age then there is a high probability of diabetes.

    Diabetes of type II has symptoms as acne or boils. Actually when our system do not utilize insulin present in our body which causes higher insulin level. This type of diabetes shows its symptoms in form of bad acnes, wounds or boil, which are most painful and do not heal easily. If your acne or boils do not heal in fifteen days then there are some more symptom which shows diabetes. These symptoms are not noticed commonly by patients like thirst and urination. If you notice these two signs with acne then you should get yourself checked with your family doctor.

     If you are diagnosed with diabetes then acne can be cures automatically while treating diabetes, because when blood sugar level reduces then acne will be healed automatically. As you know in diabetes, bodies healing process becomes slow or sometimes very slow its important to deal your acne in this condition very cautiously. Do not pick your acne or scratch your acne it will worsen your condition and may be aggravated part of skin will take more time to heal and may leave scars. Diabetes patients should take balance diet like fibrous vegetables, and wholesome grains. Regular exercise will keep you healthy. If you have acne and boil on other parts of body besides face and neck then wear loose fitting clothes.

    But the exact relation between acne and diabetes is not cleared. It is said that excess insulin can cause higher level of male hormones. These male hormones cause acne. We need more researches to know the exact relation between them but its true that to some extent acne is related to diabetes.

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