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Prostate - Enlarged Prostate Gland

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    Prostate - Enlarged Prostate Gland

    The prostate gland is a gland part of the male reproductive system. The prostate gland is formed by two lobes, enclosed by a layer of tissue. It is located in front of the rectum, bellow the bladder, there being stored the urine and it has the function of producing most of the fluids from the semen. It's not known all the prostate functions. The prostate role is to extort the fluid like sperm in urethra. The enlarged prostate gland is a sign of aging to men.

    As the men advance in age, the prostate gland it’s increasing. In medical terms this is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy.

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    The enlarged prostate is causing problems during urinating, because the gland clenches the urethra, increasing its size. There are many problems provoked by enlarged prostate gland, but the causes of the enlarged prostate gland are still unclear, possible guilty may be the age and hormones in special , heredity, origins, marital status, married men are more given to this, being a link between active sex life and enlarged prostate gland.

    Some of the problems provoked by an enlarged prostate are cumbersome for some men. Problems caused by enlarged prostate gland are weak or interrupted urinary system, difficulty in starting the urine flow, feeling the bladder full all the time, urinating very often, urinating all the day and night, urinating at night being called nocturia, involuntary discharge of urine, during the urination feeling burning or pain, hesitating stream, interrupted stream, leaking, dribbling at the end of the urination, stopping and starting again urinating, blood in the urine, named hematuria, urinary tract infection. But for this problem is not the same symptoms at all men, the symptoms can be diversified. If you’re experiencing urinary problems, seek medical advice, its better earlier than later.

    From the enlarged prostate gland, can appear other problems which discomfort the men. Others problems can appear at one time with enlarged prostate gland. Some complications can be his impossibility to urinate or retention some will be unable to empty their bladder in totality, attack of cystitis or the appearing of stones in the bladder. Those are common symptoms, but not the only ones. So the diagnose of the disease depends by the doctor.

    The doctors diagnose the disease in different ways. Some of the diagnose are asking the patient what symptoms did he felt, the quantity of drink from the past days, the quantity of urination in the past days, the rectal examination to feel if the prostate is enlarged, examination of the urine, and a blood test it’s necessary. Further tests can be x-ray, ultrasounds, and blood tests.

    Author: Ronald Page , prostatecancerz.com

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