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The Most Effective Erectile Dysfunction Prevention Methods That Don't Involve Drugs

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    The Most Effective Erectile Dysfunction Prevention Methods That Don't Involve Drugs

    Erectile Dysfunction is a painful problem for both the man and his significant other to endure, as sex is a natural part of life. This problem can take its toll on a man's confidence and discourages a partner from wanting to take a sexual interest in her mate. What's important to note is that erectile dysfunction is not necessarily a serious medical condition. Occasional problems maintaining an erection is common and many cases of treating erectile dysfunction in sexual therapy involve trouble in the relationship that can be resolved by talking feelings out.

    However, if erectile dysfunction persists for longer than two months then it may be a serious condition and merit a doctor visit. Contrary to what some believe, sexual desire does not go away with advanced age and healthy active men should not be experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction – especially if they desire a better sex life.


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    Viagra, touted as a miracle drug, is one that has been known to have some unfortunate side effects. What can concerned men do to prevent erectile dysfunction from developing without seeking drug treatments? (Or surgery or mechanical devices as some men have preferred)

    Psychological or sexual counseling is recommended only if stress, anxiety or depression is found to be the cause of the condition. Otherwise, effective prevention treatments are simple: regular exercise and improved health. If you smoke, eliminate the habit.

    Even alcohol or other prescription or illegal drugs may have to be limited so that your body can recuperate. Frequent exercise usually helps to prevent erectile dysfunction and improve body health in many other ways as well. Improved dieting may also be recommended, with more fruits and vegetables that act as natural aphrodisiacs and less sugar and fats. Finally, increasing the hours of your sleep routine may also help your body to relax and relieve some extra anxiety.

    Erectile dysfunction can be treated safely and probably without the use of drugs.

    Author : Adam O'Connor

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