Garlic Milk Health Benefits and Recipe

garlic milk for breastfeeding, garlic milk benefits, garlic milk lactation, garlic milk benefits, garlic milk sciatica, Garlic is used in almost all cuisines to add flavour to dishes. The medicinal properties of garlic have been very well explained in Ayurveda. Lots of researches are going on to identify the medicinal values of garlic. Garlic is also known as Rasona, Lashuna and Ugragandha in Ayurveda. Based on principles of Ayurveda garlic is hot in potency. It has penetrating power and reaches deeply seated tissues very quickly. It is hot and spicy to taste. Garlic has very strong odour. This bulb alleviates kapha and vata.  Due to its hot potency it vitiates pitta and rakta dhatu. Hence its use is prohibited in diseases which involve pitta dosha and rakta dhatu. (For Example gout, skin rashes etc).

Various ayurvedic medicines are prepared using garlic. Garlic Milk is one among them. It is very easy to prepare this ayurvedic preparation at home. All regular kitchen ingredients are used to prepare this milk.  We all know milk is a complete food which supplies proteins, vitamins and sugar to body. Milk is tolerated by almost all people from all age groups.  (Read Magnificent Milk to know more about medicinal properties of milk). The method of preparation of Garlic Milk goes as follows.

Garlic milk Recipe


Garlic – 10-13 cloves pealed.

Milk – 1 cup (150 ml)

Water – 1 cup (150 ml)

Method of preparation:

Mix water and milk in a vessel. Tie garlic cloves in a clean thin cotton cloth using a string and immerse this in milk-water mixture. Heat this in low flame till the mixture reduces to one cup and only milk remains. Squeeze the garlic bag into milk and discard the garlic bag. Serve this milk when it is warm. It has to be taken in empty stomach. If you have acidity, drink it after consuming food.

Benefits of Garlic Milk

Charaka in his text praises the medicinal properties of garlic as follows

  1. Garlic milk helps in erectile dysfunction. It is best ayurvedic remedy for erectile dysfunction. Ayurveda acharyas say that both garlic and milk are aphrodisiac and can be used in Vajikarana Therapy to strengthen the sexual energy of men.
  2. Garlic milk lowers the blood cholesterol. It penetrates deep tissues and clears the clogs. It boosts blood circulation and is heart friendly.
  3. This milk helps to normalize bowel movement and relieves flatulence
  4. Garlic milk is given to lactating mothers to increase lactation.
  5. It is a best remedy for indigestion as it improves digestion.
  6. The anti-inflammatory properties of this milk help to relieve body and joint pain. Garlic milk is especially helpful in sciatica
  7. It acts as a rasayana and rejuvenates body tissues.


  1. People who are on anticoagulant medications should not use this herb.
  2. Persons with pitta and rakta dhatu vitiation have to consult ayurvedic physicians before consuming this preparation.

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