Stress and Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction caused by stress, erectile dysfunction due to stressWe all know that stress can cause erectile dysfunction. If stress is temporary, the Ed problem disappears when stress causing factor is tackled. If a person undergoes stress continuously then sexual dysfunction may be a perpetual problem. Ayurveda acharyas mention stress as one of the causative factor for erectile dysfunction. According to texts of ayurveda stress causes undernourishment or drying of male reproductive tissues. This in turn reduces production of shukra dhatu . (shukra dhatu is compared to semen)

Based on principles of ayurveda , Shukra dhatu is one of the seven vital tissues . This helps in normal function of male reproductive system. Healthy shukra dhatu is very essential to carry the process of sexual function in normal manner.  Any imbalance in normal composition of shukra dhatu can lead to erectile dysfunction. Due to chronic stress the shukradhatu diminishes and erectile dysfunction sets in.

Hence as natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, texts of ayurveda recommend daily practice of meditation and Yoga. Meditation and Yoga help in reducing stress level and also one can handle stressful condition very well if they practice these two regimens.

Apart from these walking, aerobic exercises, gardening etc also help to keep the body and mind healthy. The above mentioned activities help to decrease stress. As a herbal ayurveda remedy for erectile dysfunction ayurveda vaidyas recommend many herbs like ashwagandha, safed musli etc which help in stress reduction. These herbs also act as aphrodisiacs and aid in rejuvenation of male reproductive system.