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Covering Up or Treating Thinning Hair


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Covering Up or Treating Thinning Hair

There are cover up solutions and treatments for your thinning hair and some of the easiest treatments are the simple ones like changing you hair style or using a shampoo and condition that make your hair fuller.

If you are losing hair in one area, you can easily style your hair differently, add curls, part it on the other side, etc., in order to cover the scalp area while still looking good. A barber or hair stylist can help you decide on the look that is right for you.

Keshbeam hair oil

  • No Dandruff
  • No hair fall
  • No premature graying.
  • A proven formula for a lustrous thick healthy hair
Keshbeam Hair Oil is a unique formula compounded according to the ancient principles of Ayurveda. It is offered to people who suffer from hair fall, dandruff, itching scalp, premature graying and bald scalp conditions. This hair oil acts as a best conditioner. Encourages new growth by allowing oxygen to hair follicles.

KB-Special Hair oil: Prevents hair loss. Helps in hair loss and hair thinning due to diabetes. Helps in conditions like dandruff, scalp itching and scalp boils. Slows down premature graying. Effective in dry fizzy hair and split ends. Reduces stress and help to get a voluminous, shiny hair. Very beneficial in hair loss due to diabetes.

Hair Care Kit: a complete hair care treatment at home. Prevents dandruff, hair loss, premature graying . Makes the hair soft and shiny and initiates hair growth

  • Change your hair from long to a shorter style. If your hair is shorter, it gives the illusion your hair is thicker. Thickening shampoos and conditioners also help with thin hair too, but you may find that cutting your hair is enough to change the appearance of your thinning hair.

  • How about using color to highlight and emphasize the hair you have. Highlights in your hair, draw attention to the highlights and not the thinning areas.

  •  Hair extensions and hair bonding are two other ways to increase the hair on your head by adding it to your existing hair. Extensions are really only suitable for women and require a great deal of hair already. Hair bonding uses glue to bond the extensions to your existing hair, but can also be glued to your scalp.

Also, shampoos have different benefits, depending on which brands you choose and some will enhance volume of your hair and others will provide extra nutrients for your scalp and that can encourage hair growth. Not only will that help in keeping your thinning hair from being obvious, but may even delay it or stop the hair loss altogether.

Another way to make hair shiny and healthy, that has been used for centuries, is to massage olive oil into your scalp before you go to bed. Leave it in all night and wash it out the next morning. Once per week is good.

You should also be aware that poor nutrition also may lead to thinning hair, lack of enough nutrients in the body, anemia, and eating disorders, bulimia and anorexia, are also causes of thinning hair. So it may just be that you need a change in your diet.

Another option is using hair loss concealers. A commonly used hair loss concealer is those that work by building the fibers of your hair. This will result in thicker looking hair in the areas the areas that you apply it.

And last resort and the most costly treatment would be a hair transplant. Hair is transplanted from a hair producing area to where the balding or thinning is occurring. Once transplanted the hair will continue to grow for a lifetime when the transplant is successful. While this procedure may be more costly than other treatments, it does work. This treatment is most often used for male baldness and those over the age of 50 have found it to be a successful way of treating their balding or thinning hair.

You don't have to live with thinning hair. It's possible to use one of the solutions to make your thinning hair not so obvious and with the right treatments, maybe even stop it.

Author : Mike Herman ;

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