Ayurveda Medicinal Uses of Wrightia Tinctoria-Shweta Kutaja
Wrightia Tictoria is also known as Pala indigo plant or dyers’s oleander . It is widely available in India, Southeast Asia and Australia. It needs mostly dry and little moistness to grow. Texts of Ayurveda recognize this plant by name “Shweta Kutaja”.This plant is small sized tree or large shrub... Read more
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Health benefits of shatavari , Ayurveda benefits of shatavari , benefits of shatavari
Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus ) Belongs to family Liliaceae and grows throughout Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and the Himalayas. It is a climber which grows up to 2 meters. It is also known by other Sanskrit names Shataveerya, Bahusutha, and Atirasa. Roots of this herb is rich in medicinal properties... Read more
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drumstick tree, medicinal properties, moringa.
Drumstick is known as “shobhanjana” or “shigru” in  ayurveda. The texts of ayurveda explain many medicinal properties of this plant. The verses quoted in ayurvedic texts are given here.Shigruhu saraha katuhu paake teekshnoushno madhuro laghuhu |Deepanaha rochano rookshaha ksharastiktho... Read more
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wheat erectile dysfunction,
The cereal wheat is the world's most favored staple food. The history of cultivation of wheat traces back to 7300 BC. Wheat has found its way to India through “Yavanas” in 7th century (Yavana refers to people from Greece and Arab). Wheat is referred as “Mleccha bhojana”  (Mleccha means non... Read more
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low ejaculate volume diabetes , low sperm count in diabetes , ayurvedic remedies for male infertility indiabetes
The incidences of diabetes are high in India. India is the diabetes capital of the world. It is estimated that every fifth Indian is a diabetic. This is due to a changed diet and lifestyle due to urbanization. It is alarming that increasing numbers of diabetic men are seeking infertility treatments... Read more
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Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes
Diabetes is a wide spread chronic disease of which 80-90% are Type 2 Diabetes mellitus. Beta Cells of the Pancreas Glands is responsible for Insulin which is essential for proper utilisation of carbohydrates. If insulin is absent, the carbohydrates is not utilised and these appear in the blood in... Read more
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Aloe Vera ayurvedic remedies , Aloe Vera ayurvedic
Does Ayurveda describe the medicinal properties of aloe Vera?Yes, Texts of Ayurveda eulogize the plant aloe Vera for its immense medicinal qualities. It is called as “Kumari” due its usefulness in problems related to women.Can we use all parts of Aloe Vera?You have to use only the juice of pulp... Read more
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banana for erectile dysfunction, banana homeremedies, banana for dry skin, banana pack for dry hair, banana pack for glowing skin
Banana is effectively used as an active ingredient in many home remedies for different health conditions.Beauty Face packs:Bananas are rich source of vitamins and minerals which are vital for skin. Face masks of banana help in many skin conditions.For dry skin: Banana face pack nourishes and... Read more
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neem in ayurveda, neem for psoriasis, neem for skin problems, neem for acne
Neem is known for its immeasurable medicinal properties and is used as a main ingredient in many home remedies. Commending the medicinal properties of neem, numerous sanskrit names have been coined by our ayurveda acharyas . Few of them are mentioned below.1.It is known as Nimba   as it... Read more
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amla botanical name, amla ayurvedic herb, amla ayurvedic, botanical description emblica officinalis, emblica officinalis ayurveda
Botanical Description of -Emblica officinalisBOTONICAL NAME : Emblica officinalisFAMILY:  EuphorbiaceaeSTRUCTURE: Small to medium in size tree(avg height 5.5 metres).Bark:-light brown or blackLeaves:-10 to 13 mm long, 3 mm wide, closely set in pinnate fashion,give feathery appearance to... Read more
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How to Improve Sperm Count and Motility Naturally
Various statistic show that Male Fertility rates have dropped dramatically over the last 100 years and one of the main factors has been changes in our diets and lifestyle.Here in this article we will look at diet and lifestyle changes that can be made to increase male fertility, as well as natural... Read more
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: how to prevent diabetes ayurveda, Ayurvedic tips to prevent diabetes, how to prevent diabetes ayurveda
Prevention of type 2 diabetesAre you at the risk of developing diabetes? Take this evaluation testThe first line of defense to prevent diabetes is to reduce weight, consuming healthy diet and plenty of physical exercise.Reduce weight: Obesity is the main cause for type 2 diabetes. When your weight... Read more
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body massage for elderly, ayurvedic massage for elderly, elderly massage benefits
Massage therapy is usually recommended for persons who have aches, joint pain and muscular pain. These symptoms are very common in old age. Texts of ayurveda attribute vitiation of vata as causative factor for health problems in elderly.Vitiated vata causes body ache, pain in joints, dry skin,... Read more
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ayurvedic home remedies for hair loss, ayurvedic home remedies for hair growth, ayurvedic home remedies for hair,
Hair loss may also occur for reasons where it is possible to do something about it. If there is any hair loss and cannot attribute any reason to it, check to see that these things are not done.Tying hair tightly for prolonged periods.Wearing helmets, tight caps or turbans for long periods.Using... Read more
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Spices that Help to Control Blood Sugar Level
Introduction There are many natural spices and herbs studied to help control blood sugar level. Most of these spices were passed down from generation to generation, and they are still in use nowadays. Some of these spices includeamla, (Read Ayurveda medicinal properties of amla or Indian gooseberry... Read more
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ayurveda dandruff remedy, ayurvedic treatment for dandruff, ayurvedic remedies for dandruff, ayurvedic dandruff treatment, ayurveda for dandruff
Dandruff causes hair fall or hair loss, itching in scalp, acne, pimples and recurrent infection of facial skin. Natural herbs are very good solution for dandruff.According to dosha theory of ayurveda dandruff is caused by vitiation of vata and kapha doshas of scalp. Ayurveda has recommended many... Read more
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beauty benefits of honey acne, honey ayurveda , honey health benefits ayurveda, Honey facial mask benefits
Ayurvedic texts describe medicinal properties of honey as follows .“Vaatalam guru sheetam cha raktapittakaphapaham |Sandhatru cchedanam ruksham kashayam madhuram madhu ||”Honey aggravates vata. But alleviates pitta, rakta and kapha. According to ayurveda principles acne and pimples are caused by... Read more
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ayurveda hair care, ayurvedic hair care regimen, ayurveda for hair, ayurveda hair,hair care tips ayurvedic
These tips assist you to take care of your hair according to seasons and nature of your hair. You will be a proud owner of healthy ,shining, soft and thick crowning glory. These tips help to prevent hair loss, hair fall, dandruff, premature graying and split hair. Follow these hair care tips for a... Read more
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cumin seed health benefits, cumin seeds induce labor, cumin seeds for indigestion
Cumin seeds or jeera are easily available on kitchen shelves. Health benefits of cumin seed are numerous. This spice is extensively used in ayurvedic preparations. Here are few home remedies which can help to harness the medicinal properties of this seed.White colored variety of this spice is known... Read more
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is soy bad for male fertility, soybean bad for males
Historians have traced the origin of Soybean to the North China. At present it is one of the main plant food used by Chinese people along with Barley, millet, rice and wheat. According to Principles Traditional Chinese Medicine raw soybean, a legume is unfit for human consumption. They prefer... Read more
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