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Microscopic section of the skin show two distinct parts. Epidermis is the top most layer. The upper layer of epidermis contains dead cells which gradually cast off . These cells are gradually replaced by fresh new cells produced by basal layer which is the lower layer of epidermis.The Dermis lays... Read more
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home remedies with amla
Amla is widely used in ayurvedic herbal preparations, to treat different health conditions. The botanical name of amla is Emblica officinalis. It is eulogized as "dhatri" by ayurveda acharyas. Dhatri means mother. When we regularly consume this berry, it protects our body by virtue of its immense... Read more
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genital herpes symptoms, genital herpes symptoms and signs, genital herpes symptoms and treatment, genital herpes ayurveda
Genital Herpes Symptoms - An ayurvedic view  In herpes there is an involvement of three doshas (vata, pitta , kapha) and four tissues (blood, lymph, skin and muscle).It is caused by imbalance of three doshas which in turn vitiate four tissues .The ratio of involvement of doshas can be decided... Read more
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relationship between obesity impotence
Scientists through various studies have found that there is a strong link between obesity and erectile dysfunction. They have found that when men follow a weight loss regimen their quality of sexual life improves. Loss of fat improves blood circulation and strengthens cardio vascular system.Even in... Read more
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wheat ayurveda, broken wheat pudding, Vajikarana food, vajikarana preparartion at home
Ingredients:Broken wheat: 1 cupMilk: 3 cups (pasturised or boiled)Jaggery (traditional unrefined cane sugar)– 2 cups (or according to taste)Ghee: ½  cupWater: 3 cupsCashews: ¼ cupRaisins (draksha or dry grapes): ¼ cupAlmonds: ¼ cupCardamom: (powdered) – ½  tea spoonPreparation Method:... Read more
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smart ways to lose weight fast , ayurvedic way to reduce weight
6 months back our panel of doctors decided to educate their patients about health risks which surface due to obesity or over weight. Many of them were suffering from pre diabetic symptoms, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, High blood pressure, low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. Considerable number... Read more
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indigestion home remedies, indigestion ayurvedic treatment
 Indigestion is a common ailment of digestive system.  Indigestion can lead to constipation, bloating of stomach, flatulence and loss of appetite. Texts of ayurveda recommend various herbal remedies for indigestion. Here are two very effective ayurvedic home remedies for indigestion.... Read more
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Diabetic diet for South Indians
Before pondering about the diet plan please note these thumb rules for diabetes diet            1.    A strict no for sweets, chocolates, ice creams, jams, jellies etc2.      Stay away from fats- avoid... Read more
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gout ayurveda, gout treatment in ayurveda, natural remedies for gout, gout herbal remedies
Gout usually affects big toe, heel, ankle, elbow or wrist. It is a form of arthritis which is acute in onset. The gout attack occurs suddenly and passes away after a week or ten days. Severe pain, redness and swelling in joints are typical symptoms of gout. Gout occurs when uric acid level... Read more
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male infertility Ayurveda,
Infertility in men is a rising trend. More and more couples are finding it difficult to conceive and the chances of men being infertile are 50/50. The main causes for male infertility are low sperm count and unhealthy sperms.Acharya Charaka mentions the following causes for male infertility and... Read more
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Am I at the risk of developing diabetes
Diabetes is a common word used by doctors and patients to refer the health condition diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders. This disorder surfaces when carbohydrate metabolism gets imbalanced and blood glucose level increases. The cause of diabetes may be inadequate... Read more
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Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Haritaki-Terminalia Chebula
Haritaki is the name of fruit which grows on a deciduous tree. The tree of haritaki grows to a height of 30 meters. The haritaki fruit is 2-4 cm long and has 5 longitudinal ridges. The flowers are dull white or yellow in colour.Ayurveda acharyas eulogize the medicinal properties of this fruit by... Read more
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Rheumatoid arthritis
In Rheumatoid Arthritis the lining of joints or lining of internal organs are inflamed . This disease may be chronic ( lasts for a long time ) or may flare up intermittently. The inflammation of lining of joints causes swelling, pain, redness, stiffness and warmth in the affected region . The cells... Read more
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acne ayurveda home remedies, acne ayurveda tips
Ayurveda acharyas have recommended many effective tips to control acne and prevent its erruptions. These tips also help to reduce scars formed due to acne and pimple.Tips to prevent acne , pimple break up .Keep your skin clean. Wash the face or acne, pimple outbreak areas twice daily with mild... Read more
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obesity and low sperm count , does obesity cause low sperm count
Obese men who wish to grow their family are not able to do so due to low sperm count and reduced motility. Various research have thrown light on the fact that obese men are at a great chance of encountering low quality and quantity of semen. The main probable causes are listed below.Obesity is a... Read more
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sleep ayurveda, ayurveda sleep time,ayurvedic sleep remedies, ayurveda Insomnia
Sleep is a physical and mental resting state of a person. During sleep he becomes inactive and will not be aware of surrounding environment. His senses do not respond to external stimuli.According to ayurveda sleep is“ yadaa tu manasi klaante karmaatmaanaha klamaanvitaaha |Vishayebhyo nivartante... Read more
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ayurvedic scrub for face, oats ayurveda, facial scrub with oats.
According to principles of ayurveda, skin harbors pitta dosha. Vitiation of pitta dosha causes skin problems like acne, pimple, rashes etc. Oats pacify pitta. It soothes skin and reduces irritation. This can be best utilized for home made beauty preparations. Oat is grainy and hence can be used in... Read more
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xenoestrogens low testosterone, plastic bottles and low sperm count, xenoestrogens and fertility
Xenoestrogens – a threat to fertility in humans.Summary: Xenoestrogen are a type of synthetic compounds which have estrogenic effect on living organism. These chemicals enter our body through pesticides, use of plastics and plastic bottles, chemicals and other pollutants. Xenoestrogens lower the... Read more
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 ayurveda, erectile dysfunction causes, impotence ayurveda treatment.
Acharya charaka explains the causes of erectile dysfunction or klaibya in chikitsa sthana.   Imbalance and Vitiation of shukra dhatu causes erectile dysfunction or Klaibya.  When we go through texts of ayurveda , we can conclude that Shukra dhatu is a collective word which represents... Read more
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day time sleep ayurveda
Ayurveda acharyas advise not to sleep in daytime. A good sleep in night always keeps body healthy. But in few unavoidable health conditions and in condition where doshas are imbalanced daytime sleep is advised by ayurveda vaidyas. Here is a list of health conditions in which the daytime sleep is... Read more
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