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Ayurveda definition of Rakta Dhatu ( Blood )

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Ayurveda definition of Rakta Dhatu ( Blood )


Formation of rakta or blood

According ayurveda when rasa (lymph) is mixed with "ranjaka pitta"(haemoglobin) it forms Rakta dhatu or blood

Functions of Rakta or blood according to ayurveda

"Raktam varna prasaadanam mamsa pushtim jeevayathicha"

Rakta dhatu enhances tone and complexion of skin. It strengthens and nourishes "mamsa dhatu" (Muscles). The whole physiology of body is dependent on this tissue. Rakta strengthens the body and keeps it healthy. It increases life span and keeps the person active.


When a person has pure blood in his body he exhibits following symptoms.

-He has attractive complexion and glowing skin
-His sense organs work perfectly.
-He has perfect digestive power.
-He is always healthy and happy.
-His other dhatus get good nourishment.

Panchabhoutikatwa of rakta dhatu or blood

Its fleshy odor indicates presence of pruthvibhuta. Its fluid nature shows jala bhuta. It is red in colour indicating presence of agni bhuta, Its pulsatile movement indicates vayu bhuta, It is light in nature indicating akasha bhuta.

Diseases caused by Vitiation of Rakta dhatu or blood (increase or decrease of rakta dhatu)

"Raktam visarpa pleeha vidradheen kushta vaatasra pittasra gulmopa kusa kaamalaa vyangaagni naasha sammoha raktatwam netra mootrata"

Visarpa - herpes
Vidradhi - abscess
Kushta - skin disorders like acne, pimples, psoriasis, etc
Vata rakta - gout
Rakta pitta - hemorrhagic disorders
Gulma - tumours
Kamala - jaundice
Vyanga - pigmentation of skin
Agni nasha - indigestion
Sammoha - syncope
Raktatwaknetra mootrata - Redness of eyes, skin and urine

When there is reduction in quality of Rakta dhatu the following symptoms appear

"Raktemla sisirapreethi siraashaithilya rookshatha"

Desire for sour foods and cold substances increases. This is manifested by burning sensation in palms and foot
Collapsing of blood vessels
Dry skin

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