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Ayurveda FAQ on arthritis gout

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Ayurveda FAQ on arthritis gout

Q: Rheumatoid arthritis, pain in the joints, hands, neck. Sleepless nights, swelling near hand, foot and joint area.
A:Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when toxins (ama) produced in body clog the channels of body and obstruct movement Vata (one of the tridoshas). Hence this disease is called as Amavata in ayurveda. There are very effective ayurvedaic herbal remedies for Rheumatoid arthritis

Q:I am suffereing from back pain, took lot of treatment...many advised to go for ayurvedic treatment..saw your web page for free consultation hence contacted...do u have any branch in bangalore as I am from Bangalore. Advise me doctor..
A:Back pain arises from lot of causes like over weight, wearing high heeled shoes, sudden bending, sitting in odd postures etc. There are very effective herbal preparations in ayurveda for back pain. We have a consultation center in bangalore.

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Q:I am suffering from daily pain in the joints of my neck, shoulders or upper back. I use a computer daily, particularly for my work. Sometimes I also suffer from extreme dizziness for a short period of time. Doctor X-rayed my spine and said early signs of arthritis were present. The joints often feel sticky and make cracking noise. Are you able to offer any suggestions regarding how I could treat these symptoms?
A: Hereditary, old age, over weight, injuries, infection etc cause arthritis. According to ayurveda vitiated vata when affects the joints which are overused or abused, and cause pain, stiffness. Hot fomentations help a lot. There are very effective herbal ayurveda preparations for arthritis which help to reduce pain and stiffness

Q: Suffering from Rhuematoid Arthritis for last 13 years. For the last 2 n half years due to homeopathy medicine there has been a stiff right elbow, knee, finger deformities n many other joints effected.
A: Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disease. According to ayurveda rheumatoid arthritis is caused by accumulation of toxic substance (ama) which clogs the channels of vata and affects its movement. Ayurvedic treatment helps a lot to reduce pain and stiffness .

Q:I am having Rheumatoid Arthritis, but my blood report show RA -ve
1.Can i use your Arthritis kit?
A: You can use arthritis kitr />

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