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Ayurveda FAQ on Low sperm count and low motility, semen analysis


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Ayurveda FAQ on Low sperm count and low motility, semen analysis

Q: I have been married past 3 years, but since I am staying in abroad I visit once every year just for 1 month, I dont have any child untill now and we both are desperately seeking for CHILD, My Wife have done the vaginal test which she found is OK and positive. But when I done my semen analysis test, it found that the semen quality and quality is very low.
As far as my personal life concern, I have a masturbating problem, I masturbate almost everyday since I am away from my wife, I desperately need her and due to that reason I often masturbate on my bed, YES its true that I masturbate almost everyday , and now I could see myself the semen quality and quantity is decreasing gradually and I dont know what to do. Now I am planning my wife to bring her to me, but with this quality and quantity I dont think I will get any positive result.
A: Complete Vajikarana Therapy kit helps to improve quality and quantity of semen. This kit also help to increase sperm count and sperm motility



Q: sir,I lost lot of my semen I don't have any contact with women When I see mating them in movies through imagination my semen used to come out. Is there any problem for me.if it so ?please show me a right path.
A: Complete vajikarana therapy kit helps to increase sexual energy, increase duration of hard erection, prevent premature ejaculation. This therapy helps to increase sperm count and motility.

Q:I have been diabetic for past 13yrs and semen test shows that their is no sperm in semen can it be cured and i am takind medicine for it,kindly suggest me what to do
A: Our "Daiabetic Vajikarana therapy" helps in this respect. Please Consult doctors at

Q:My problem is as follows: 1. My semen comes out in high quantity with urine and stool and also comes out on sneezing, standing up, sitting down etc. 2. My semen is very thin. 3. There is no more desire of sexual intercourse. 4. My penis is very thin and weak and there is no erection and becomes loose very quickly. 5. The quantity of sperms and semen is very very low and as a result after nine months of my marriage, my wife still is non pregnant. My health is also down.
A: Complete vajikarana therapy definitely help to increase sperm count, quantity of semen, increase libido and prevent frequent emissions of semen.

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