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Ayurveda FAQ on piles-fistula


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Ayurveda FAQ on piles-fistula

Q:I have difficulty in emptying bowels with the elongated haemorroids( piles ), dry hair, hair fall with dandruff, and skin complexion problem because the hands, face and feet alone without glowness than the skin which are not exposed to sunlight. And I want my skin to have a balanced complexion. Want to know the balanced diet. Im expecting the reply from you as soon as possible with best remedies..I want a healthy body condition without all these problems..
A: Vitiated Vata imbalances body tissue to cause the above mentioned problems. Balancing vata helps to bring down the severity of this conditions. please consult our health experts.



Q:dear sir, i have a problem of piles since 3 weeks. i start alopathy medicine in 5 day ago but no result. i have a lot's of pain, piz, tell me Ayurveda medicine.(note)1)one of it is protruding out. .

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