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Ayurveda FAQ on pigments, scars,marks and dark circles


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Ayurveda FAQ on pigments, scars,marks and dark circles

Q: Hello, am writing for my daughter who is now 14, at age 12 she got exposed to high levels of toxic mold, this has caused a discoloration on her face, leaving behind scars. Need help DESPERATLEY. We have tried the American creams from the dermatologists, but they do not work for Asian skin. Would greatly appreciate you input.
A: Kumkumadilepa and fairness kit helps to improve complexion of face and reduce discoloration

Q: Pimples and that make dark colors.
A:Fairness kit and neemtulsi soap is the best natural treatment to remove acne pimples, marks , scars and enhance fairness.

Q: I had ringworm infection when i was 18 yrs old at my private parts. i had used betex and the infection went away. but has left ugly black marks and i want them to fade away. can u plz prescribe me some medication in disappearing them.
A: Kumkumadilepa and herbal gel helps to remove scars and marks. You can find them here http://www.ayurhelp.com/kumkumadilepam.htm and http://www.ayurhelp.com/psoriasis_alternative_herbal_treatment.htm



Q: dandruff & black patches in skin
A : Herbal hair oil and Fairness kit are the natural herbal treatments which help to resolve this condition

Q: my skin was clear and fair. now i got dark circles uneven skin tone and blemish skin. my skin texture is lost. everybody says before marriage u look good now all lost .pls advice
A: Fairness kit helps to remove dark circles, scars, pigments and marks. It also helps to enhance fairness and get smooth skin texture

Q: having dark pigmentation patches on the cheeks only. other parts are fair. how do i remove these dark patches?
A: Kumkumadilepa and fairness kit helps to overcome this condition.

A. Wrinkle care kit and Dark circle kit help to reduce wrinkles and dark circles. Marks due to injury can not be removed with external application of herbs.

Q: dry skin, open pore, wrinkle around eyes
A. Our dry skin care kit, normal skin face pack and wrinkle care kit definitely help in this condition

Q: I'm 30 yrs old 5'3 inch weight 60 Kgs. and medium complexion. I have a combination skin with open pores around nose and some parts of cheek. Skin type varies from season to season like in winter my face becomes fairer and dry skin on hands and legs. I apply suns cream, drink warm water 8 glasses and have started following strict diet regime. I get pimples on rare occasion, but when they get, it appears one after the other, then stops leaving acne spots. Then I apply home made pack to remove them. I have been told that If you increase your water intake it will help hydrate your skin and help from drying further. Before I like to order your dry skin kit, I need your recommendation on the products. Regards Sujatha
A: Our Natural Herbal acne remedy kit and dry skin care kit help you to overcome this condition

Q: I am dark colored girl. I look little plumpy also. Being a SWEngineer, I don't do much physical execise other than cooking and cleaning the house. I want to look fairer. Can u pls suggest me any tips to make fairer and reduce my weight. i have irregular periods too. Pls comment on this. tell me what products to use
A: Fairness kit helps to increase fairness and weight reduction kit helps to reduce body weight .

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