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natural Back Acne ayurveda remedy - for clear clean back


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    Natural Back Acne ayurveda remedy - for clear clean back

    What is back acne ?
    Back acne is same condition as facial acne. The sebaceous glands on skin get stimulated by androgen and produce excess sebum. Sebum is an oily substance produced by oil glands of skin. Over produced sebum clog’s pores on skin and prevent the release of dead skin cells. Thus dead cells, sticky sebum attract bacteria which thrive in these pores to form acne. Back acne have to be treated very carefully as back skin is very thick and oil glands produce more sebum.

    Back acnes leave ugly scars when healed. The texts of Ayurveda mention many wonder herbs which help in back acne and scars. Check below for these wonderful herbs which help as natural ayurveda remedy for back acne

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    Herbal Back acne remedy in form of Aloe vera gel: Aloe Vera is an excellent herb which is widely accepted as natural herbal remedy for acne. Ayurveda describes the cooling and soothing effects of herb aloe Vera. The gel of aloe vera mixed with essential oils is the best ayurveda remedy for skin problems like acne. The aloe vera has shown excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and restorative properties. The aloe Vera gel mixed with essential oils which heals acne, moisturizes the skin and rejuvenates it, has been considered as an excellent herbal acne remedy. Daily application of aloe vera gel prevents eruption of acne and is a best acne scar remedy

    Herbal Back acne remedy in form of Herbal pack: The ingredient Multani mitti or fullers earth is known for its property of absorbing impurities. It is effectively used to remove acne, scars and marks. Another wonderful herb which is widely known for its antibiotic, antifungal and astringent properties is neem. This has been included as an active ingredient in herbal pack. Neem reduces inflammation, irritation, itching and helps to reduce scars and marks. Curcuma Aromatica has antibiotic, blood vitalizing, anti inflammatory properties. It prevents accumulation of dead cells and heals skin lesions effectively. It helps to remove scars, marks and makes the skin smooth and glowing.

    Herbal Back acne remedy in form of skin cleanser: Herbal cleansers which have herbs like aloe Vera, green tea, Centella Asiatica , etc cleanse the skin gently without allowing skin to get dry. They remove clogged dirt and sebum from the skin pores without hurting the underlying skin and soothe the inflamed skin. Gently cleansing the skin regularly helps to get rid of acne.

    Herbal Back acne remedy in form of body cleanser: According to ayurveda constipation and accumulation of toxins also cause acnes. Herbal tablets which contain triphala (emblica officinalis, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica ) act as body coolants and expel body toxins . They regularize the bowel movements too. These tablets are excellent herbal ayurveda remedy for acne.

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