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Ayurveda Definition of Constipation:

Constipation is a stomach disorder in which bowel movements are disturbed. In this condition hard, dry stools are eliminated infrequently.

Constipation is termed as “malabhaddata” in ayurveda. This condition surfaces when vata dosha gets vitiated. According to principles of ayurveda vata dosha is mainly located in large intestine and controls bowel movements. Vitiated vata impairs bowel movement and causes dryness of stools. This leads to malabhaddata or Constipation.

Herbal Remedies to relieve constipation
Help to relieve constipation
Help in formation of smooth soft stools
Normalize bowel movement
Natural colon cleansing
Improvement in digestion
Prevent bloating of stomach

Normal bowel movement:

Following bowel habits are considered normal.

  • Bowel movement once a day.
  • Bowel movement thrice a day.
  • Bowel movement once in every three days.

Normal bowel movement may get temporarily disturbed due to various reasons like menstruation, physical exercise, travel, stress etc.

Ayurveda insists on the habit of bowel movement once a day, in morning as soon as we wake up . This helps us to keep healthy and boost our immunity. Tridoshas get normalized by daily bowel movement and all tissues get rejuvenated. “Agni” (Power of digestion) gets kindled and lead to normal healthy digestion

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