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Make-up tips for concealing dark circles


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    Make-up tips for concealing dark circles

    Good cosmetics and proper tools effectively hide dark circles. But it is not a permanent solution for dark circle. (Check our dark circle kit which is effective in dark circles ). It is not wise to use concealers daily.

    The concealers effectively hide dark circles as they are opaque. Dark circles can not be concealed with normal make up.

    The color of concealer should be one shade lighter than your normal skin if the dark circles are blue black. If puffiness is associated with dark circles then the concealer color should be one shade darker than normal skin. Yellow base is always the best choice.

    Apply concealer from the inside corner of eye to outside till the concealer blends completely with your skin. Spread it evenly along entire area around dark circles to achieve effective blending with the normal skin. This prevents uneven skin tone and shading.

    Do not apply a thick coat of concealer. A light touch will do.

    Do not apply mascara on lower lashes as flakes of mascara which fall on lower eye lid darkens the dark circles.

    Use a light and uncolored powder at the end. This gives a smooth well polished appearance.

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