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    Dry skin natural herbal Treatment in ayurveda

    Dry skin is caused due to lack of sufficient moisture and oil on skin. Ayurveda recommends very good natural herbal treatments and remedies which make skin soft and smooth. According to ayurveda increased vata causes dryness of skin.

    Massaging body with herbal oil is the best natural treatment for dry skin:
    It is recommended in ayurveda to massage the whole body with herbal oil which is infused with vata balancing herbs. This process is called as "abhyanga " in ayurveda. The benefits of oil massage are explained as follows

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    " Abhyanga aachare nityam sa jara- shrama – vataha | Drushtihi prasada pushtyaahu swapna sutwak daadarya krit ||”

     Body becomes stronger and well nourished.
    The body and mind gets relaxed.
    Undisturbed sleep.
    Increases Libido.
    Rejuvenates the body.

    The "Dry skin care kit" is the ideal natural herbal treatment which provides the best herbal body massage oil infused with vata balancing herbs and sesame oil as base oil. Ayurveda strongly recommends sesame oil for massage in ayurveda to treat vata predominant conditions. Sesame has a quality of penetrating through skin pores. It carries the ingredients of vata balancing herbs through skin pores. Thus the oil traps the moisture inside the skin and the herbs balance increased vata. The coupled effect of sesame oil and vata balancing herbs soften the skin and smoothens it. The skin becomes soft, smooth and glowing.

    Applying herbal moisturizing lotion
    The moisture level of skin has to be increased by supplying moisture externally. A good moisturizer is of great help in supplying moisture to skin externally. Apply moisturizing lotion all over body two times daily.

    The "Dry skin care kit" provides the best herbal moisturizer which has aloevera as its base. The aloe vera has shown excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and restorative properties. The aloe Vera mixed with olive oil moisturizes the skin and rejuvenates it. Applying this moisturizing lotion twice daily make the skin soft and smooth.

    Consuming Anti-oxidants
    Consuming anti oxidants daily enhance the texture of skin. Our "Dry skin care kit" provides the best herbal anti oxidants in form of tablets. These tablets expel the body toxins and rejuvenate the skin. Thus the skin gets a natural glow from inside.

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