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    Herbal Fairness Kit Contains Ayurvedic preparations for one month

    Buy Natural Herbal fairness kit ( PRODUCT ID = FK)

    Consult Dr.Savitha Suri and Dr.Krishna Rao to get "fairness kit"  formulated. The formulated kit will be Shipped in India or outside India according to the requirement.

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    About contents of Fairness Kit

    Herbal Face Pack:

    Ksheerasampishtai-lipthamaasyam ghritaanvitaihi|
    Saptaraatraad--bhavetsatyam pundarikadalopamam|"

    When this face pack is mixed with milk and applied , face becomes as clear as leaf of lotus

    Herbal Body Cleanser:

    "Shothameh aghni naashaye vishamajwaram |
    Deepani shleshmapittaghni kushtahantri rasaayani ||" "

    This herbal combination destroys swelling, clears the skin .This increases metabolism and rejuvenates body tissues by bringing vitiated doshas under control.Keeps the bowel cleanExpels toxins out of body.Normalizes the body fire so that accumulation of toxins is reduced.

    Herbal Gel:

    Contains aloevera an Excellent moisturizer and revitalizes dull, dry and sensitive skin. Protects the skin from sunburn, wind burn, chaffing and minor irritations . Removes scars and marks


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