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ayurvedic remedies for dry hair


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Ayurvedic remedies for Dry hair causes

Dryness of hair occurs when hair is washed excessively, shampooed with harsh chemicals or blow dried. Malnutrition, hypothyroidism and anorexia nervosa are few other causes which make hair dry. Rigorous, repeated brushing, bleaching and perming cause dryness of hair. Excessive exposure to wind, water and polluted air also cause dryness of hair. According to texts of ayurveda increased vata causes dry hair.

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Keshbeam Hair Oil is a unique formula compounded according to the ancient principles of Ayurveda. It is offered to people who suffer from hair fall, dandruff, itching scalp, premature graying and bald scalp conditions. This hair oil acts as a best conditioner. Encourages new growth by allowing oxygen to hair follicles. It acts as a best ayurveda treatment for dry hair

KB-Special Hair oil: Prevents hair loss. Helps in hair loss and hair thinning due to diabetes. Helps in conditions like dandruff, scalp itching and scalp boils. Slows down premature graying. Effective in dry fizzy hair and split ends. Reduces stress and help to get a voluminous, shiny hair. Very beneficial in hair loss due to diabetes.

Hair Care Kit: a complete hair care treatment at home. Prevents dandruff, hair loss, premature graying . Makes the hair soft and shiny and initiates hair growth

Tips for dry hair
Avoid blow drying
Prevent using harsh shampoos and colorants
Use a low pH shampoo.
Apply few drops of oil to hair. The best way to apply it is to put a few drops of hair oil on your palm and start applying from end of the hair and work towards scalp.


Split Ends
Over brushing, exaggerated back combing, brushing wet hair, blow drying, coloring hair etc damage cuticle and cause splitting of hair. Malnutrition also causes splitting of hair.

How to prevent splitting of hair
Minimize brushing of hair.
Avoid brushing of hair when it is wet.
Use a wide toothed comb
Minimize or avoid using hair dyes, sprays and gels.
Prevent harmful effects of extreme weather conditions on hair, by wearing caps or scarves.
Apply hair conditioners to the tips of hair.
Cut the split hairs as soon as you spot them preferably 3 cms away from the split end.
Avoid elastic hair bands.
Remove bands, rollers and clips cautiously.

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