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Genital Herpes - transmission and outbreak

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Genital Herpes - Transmission and Outbreak 

A person can get genital herpes in following conditions

  • If he is sexual active and when he performs sex (oral or genital) with genital herpes infected partners.
  • A person who has oral herpes transmits herpes to genital organs of a partner during oral sex and a person who has genital herpes transmits this to his partner during coitus when they have a genital contact.
  • The genital herpes or oral herpes gets transmitted when mucous membrane comes in contact with infected area.

Genital herpes transmission rate

The genital herpes or oral herpes gets transmitted mostly during active phase. But it may spread even during asymptomatic (when person is free of symptoms for a particular duration) phase. That means transmission of genital herpes may occur even when there is no outbreak. The HSV virus needs a fluid media for its transportation. The body fluids like saliva, semen, vaginal tract secretions etc. Mucous membranes in mouth, vagina, urethra or open wounds facilitate the HSV virus invasion due to their moistness.

When a person indulges in above mentioned activities the three doshas of body Vata (The element which controls nerves, neurons and related physiology), Pitta (The element which regulates and controls the body and cell metabolism. Also present in skin) and and Kapha (The element which binds the tissues and gives strength to body) get imbalanced. The imbalanced doshas vitiate or spoil
Blood (Rakta),
Lymph (Lasika),
Skin (Twacha) and
Muscle (mamsa)

When the imbalanced doshas vitiate skin and the immunity of skin cells is lowered. The HSV virus attacks these weak cells and starts exhibiting herpes symptoms on affected area.

After the first attack the HSV virus moves from skin through the nerve paths to base of the nerve and becomes inactive. Now the herpes infected person will be devoid of all symptoms. But the imbalance of doshas still persists.

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 what causes a genital herpes outbreak ?
At unpredictable times, the HSV virus becomes active. It multiplies and resurfaces on skin by traveling through the nerve path and exhibits the symptoms locally. The severity of symptoms of out break depends on the strength of body immunity.

The pelvis or shroni ,nerves and skin are dominated by vata. When vata gets vitiated due to precipitating factors , it reactivates the virus dormant in base of nerve end and the virus travel through nerve paths to reach the skin surface.


As we know the Genital herpes or oral herpes outbreaks have few precipitating factors. Let us know what triggers genital herpes out break.
Excessive exposure to sun.
Poor diet,
Physical stress,
Emotional stress.
Genital trauma and intercourse.
Repeated infections such as a cold or pneumonia.

These factors increase vata and increased vata activates the HSV virus which is dormant.

Low Immunity The systemically imbalanced doshas interfere with the body metabolism by vitiating the body fire (agni). This leads to indigestion and malassimilation of nutrients, which in turn causes poor immunity. Due to decreased immunity the body fails to offer resistance to outbreaks.

Avoid the following to prevent genital herpes or oral herpes out breaks
Spicy, sour, fried and junk food, which aggravates vata.
Precipitating factors.
Sleeping in afternoon.
Charred and overcooked food.
Consuming opposite food like fish and milk etc
Physical exertion after a meal
Taking bath immediately after exercise or heavy outdoor work.

Consume meat products without adding fat to it. (Do not fry or deep fry the meat).

Include honey, pomegranate, fruits of Emblica officinalis, legumes, dates and raisins ( draksha) in your diet.

Practice Yoga and Meditation to control emotional disturbances .

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