Causes of gout flare ups as explained in ayurveda

causes of gout flare ups,  gout ayurveda, diet to prevent gout flare upsText books of ayurveda refer gout as “vata rakta”.The vitiation of vata and also rakta (blood) together cause gout or “vata rakta”. The following factors vitiate blood and vata to cause gout flare ups.

  1. Increased consumption of foods which are salty, sour, spicy, alkaline and oily.
  2. Excessive usage of foods which increase body heat.
  3. Eating heavy foods, when suffering from indigestion.
  4. Using sesame, horse gram, sugar cane, curd, butter milk, alcohol, radish etc regularly in increased quantity.
  5. Regular consumption of opposite foods.
  6. Sleeping in day time, working till late nights also vitiate vata and rakta.
  7. Obesity and sedentary work are also contributing factors.
  8. Exposure to severely hot climates and surroundings.
  9. Riding elephant, horse or other vehicles which increase movements of joints.

The above mentioned causes vitiate both vayu and rakta. Vitiated rakta blocks the path of vayu and further aggravates it. Aggravated vata further vitiates blood and the cycle continues. Thus vitiated blood and vayu circulates all over body and harm joints. These pathological factors also imbalance other vital forces pitta and kapha. The symptoms of vitiation get manifested in legs and toes.  

According to ayurveda acharyas when a person consumes above mentioned diet and exposes himself to increased physical work or sedentary work, has greater chances of getting gout.  The gout flare ups can be prevented by avoiding above mentioned diet and lifestyles.

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