Pure coconut oil - Alternative solution for oral thrush in babies

coconut oil for oral thrush, oral thrush babies home remediesBreast milk is a treasure house of nutrients and immunity building components.  These nutrients keep babies healthy.

Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. Exposure to antibiotics (either by the child or a breastfeeding mother), yeast on nipple, yeast infection in birth canal of mother etc  can cause thrush. If baby is on antibiotics, it kills the friendly flora, or bacteria, found naturally in the human body, allowing the yeast to thrive. If thrush is due to antibiotic treatment of baby , then mother’s milk will help to fight this condition.

Dr.Shirish Bhate remembers usage of breast milk drops in conjunctivitis in childhood. Coconut oil and human breast milk contain one component in common i.e lauric acid. Lauric acid is medium chain fatty acid. When these substances are consumed, Lauric acid gets transformed into monolaurin. The compound Monolaurin helps to fight numerous infections. Thus coconut oil and breast milk act as antibiotics.

Researchers have found that the medium chain fatty acids like lauric acid have the capacity to damage the lipid membranes of microorganisms. Thus usage of pure coconut oil topically is an effortless way to protect ourselves from infections. Dr.Shirish bhate has found that the massage of coconut oil is very useful in conditions like rashes, eczema and psoriasis. Pure coconut oil also helps to heal wounds.

Shata-dhouta ghrita can be used if pure coconut oil is not available.

Information Courtesy : Dr.Shirish Bhate

Note: Please consult a pediatrician before starting any treatment to babies.

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