Prepare Psoriasis Scrub at Home

scrub for psoriasis, ayurveda psoriasisPsoriasis affects both men and women. This skin disease does not spread from one person to another. In psoriasis the skin will be dry and scaly. The causes of psoriasis are not yet completely found. It may start at any age. The affected patches are devoid of moisture and softness. The scales of psoriasis patches have to be cleared often. It is very essential to protect the moistness of skin and prevent further drying.

Soap and other body skin cleansing products contain alkali which may further aggravate dryness of skin. Hence a mild herbal scrub which helps in preservation of moistness of skin and also removes scales in a mild manner is always a best choice. Here is a recipe to prepare psoriasis ayurvedic scrub at home.

Ingredients and How to Make

  1. Yellow gram (channa dal)
  2. Green gram – (green moong)
  3. Fenugreek seeds – (methi seeds)

Take all the ingredients in equal proportion and mix them well. Get this mixture floured in a flour mill. Or you can blend it in a mixer and sieve to get a fine powder. Store this powder in an air tight container and use a dry spoon to take the required amount.

How to Use:

Take a required quantity of this scrub in a small bowl and add water to prepare a thick batter. Leave this for 10 minutes. Use this as a scrub and cleanser instead of soap while taking bath.

Benefits of this scrub

  1. These herbs not only cleanse the skin but also make it soft and smooth.
  2. Even people with normal and dry skin can use this scrub. It gives a glow to skin.
  3. The ingredients of this scrub supply plenty of anti-oxidants to skin and make it to look younger.
  4. The scrub removes scales on skin affected with psoriasis and prevents drying of skin.
  5. The natural body oils secreted from skin are not stripped off.
  6. Keeps the skin healthy naturally.
  7. Does the work of both scrub and skin cleanser.

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