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 Post subject: All About Semen
PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:31 pm 
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You can tell a lot about a guy’s libido and fertility by the looks of his ejaculate. Obviously these signs aren’t foolproof, but they should give you a good idea of how he’ll perform in bed and his chances of fathering a child.

You should expect about a half teaspoon of ejaculate after a guy orgasms. Any less than that could mean that he’s not producing enough semen. This could be due to an infection, blocked ejaculatory ducts, or low testosterone levels. If it is the latter, then it could be the cause of a low sex drive and/or infertility. Low hydration could be responsible for low semen volume, so for fertility’s sake it’s good to stay well hydrated.

Sperm makes up about 1% of semen (40 million to 600 million sperm) and is what makes semen look sort of cloudy. If his ejaculate is very watery and clear, then his sperm count could be low. Normal, healthy ejaculate has a creamy consistency. Really thick semen, on the other hand, is also not healthy – it prevents sperm from traveling efficiently and can make baby-making difficult.

Semen has a sort of sweet, sort of salty flavor. The seminal vesicles produce the fructose (sweet) portion of the semen and the prostate adds the saltiness. The more he ejaculates (like if he has sex frequently or masturbates regularly) then the more he’ll deplete the fructose portion of the fluid; the longer he goes between ejaculations, the sweeter his semen will be.

Semen has a wide range of smells, from none whatsoever to slightly chlorine-y. Anything in between is slight and unoffensive. If his semen smells foul in any way, it is probably a sign of infection and should be checked out.

If a guy has healthy semen – that is, it feels, looks, tastes, and smells normal – then the chances that he’s got healthy testosterone levels are good and that he’s virile, fertile, and good to go! (Of course being able to get sexually aroused and to achieve a strong long lasting erection are also important signs.)

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