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 Post subject: Neem Benefits
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 8:50 am 
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Neem is a very beneficial tree which is popular in south Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, because of its ability to cure several diseases. Indians have trusted this tree for years to prepare different medicines which can be used as the treatment for more than 100 diseases. It is approximately 30 m tall, and quite broad in diameter with wide green leaves. The botanical name of neem is Azadirachta Indica and it belongs to the family of Meliaceae, The mahogany tree family. The roots, seeds and leaves of the neem tree are considered significantly useful, and neem oil is extracted from its fruit for the common treatment of many infections.

This is one of the trees which are the focus of many researchers all over the world. The reason for its fame is its benefits for environment and health. It is a natural cleanser of air which keeps the level of oxygen balanced, and therefore keeps the global environment clean and sanitized in a natural manner. The benefits of the growth of neem tree have now been recognized in world, and therefore its plantation is highly appreciated. It is a great way to naturally get rid of water pollution.

During the earlier times, the neem tree was only famous in India and Asian countries, but now it has been recognized worldwide, because Indians started the export of the medicines prepared from neem. Other benefits of neem tree include soil erosion control, high fertility of soil, flood prevention and pests and insects control to name a few. It acts as a natural pesticide.

The neem products include those of soaps, shampoos, oils, skin cleaners and chemical pesticides. The leaves of the neem tree are boiled in the water, and its soup is used for the cure of different types of skin and infectious diseases. It acts as an antiseptic, and its water is also used in south Asian countries for body wash, because it is a natural cure for the treatment of acne. The molecular structure of neem tree is such that immunity is not created in the insects against its effect. This tree is known as divine tree in India and has been used for more than 5000 years. Neem for people is highly helpful because it is one of the trees which has been proved to cure almost all the infections, which are very severe and relentless.

Neem Oil, the natural treatment for People, pets and horses, Neem Dog Chews, psoriasis, exzema and scabies treatments, Sarcoids, Mud Fever, Sweetitch treatments. Some of the products we carry in our online shop have shown fantastic relief, help and alternative treatment for many ailments and conditions. Neem Oil

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?Neem-Benefits&id=4269281
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