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 Post subject: Ayurveda names of Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum ) or Holy Basil
PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 3:47 am 
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Tulasee surasaa gramyaa sulabhaa bahumanjaree |
Apetaraakshasi gowree bhutaghni devadundubhi |
Tulasi katukaa teekshna hridyoshnas daahapittakrit |
Deepani kushtakrichhaasrapaarshwarukkaphavaatajit ||
Shuklaa krishnaa cha tulasee gunaisthulyaa prakeertitaa ||

Various names have been coined in texts of ayurvedapraising medicinal properties of tulsi or holy basil

Tulasi-The holy plant is called as tulasi or tulsi as it is “atulya” or the plant which cannot be compared to any other plants for its medicinal properties.
Surasa- Its “Rasa” or juice is of immense use in medical field and it is also loved by “sura” or gods and goddess.
Sulabhaa – It is very easy to find this plant in every home and readily available to treat common diseases.
Apetarakshasi : The herb which can defeat demons who attack living beings in disguise of diseases.
Gowri: The use of this herb can bring “gowra varna” or increases fairness to skin.
Bhutaghni: The one who destroys parasites.
Devadundubhi: Its recemose resembles dundubhi or kettle drum

Tulsi has katu teekshna guna and acts as a cardiac tonic. It increases secretion of bile. This herb increases appetite and normalizes digestion. It helps to cure various skin diseases like acne, pimple, eczema etc. Tulsi also helps in conditions like renal stones. It reduces joint pain, cough and other diseases of kapha.

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