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Jeeraka or jeera - Cuminum Cyminum

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Jeeraka or jeera - Cuminum Cyminum

Botanical Description of - Cuminum Cyminum

BOTONICAL NAME : Cuminum Cyminum
FAMILY:  Apiaceae
STRUCTURE: The Cuminum Cyminum plant is a herbacious plant
Stem : slender, branched The mature stems may vary from 20 to 30 cms .
Leaf :Pinnate or Bipinnate and contain leaflets which are threadlike
HABITAT: Needs hot Climate to grow. Grown mainly in Egypt, India, Mexico, North Africa, China
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION : Contains cuminaldehyde, protein, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins.



 Ayurvedic Description of Jeeraka - Cuminum Cyminum

SANSKRIT NAME : Jeeraka, jarana, ajaaji
LOCAL NAMES(in India) :Jeera (Hindi), Jeera(Bengali), Jeere (Marathi), Cumin Seeds (English), cheerakam (Tamil), Jeerige (Kannada), Jeeru (Gujarati)
Guna :- Laghu, ruksha
Rasa :- Katu
Veerya :-Ushna
Vipaka :- katu
KARMA (Action) :
Increases pitta normalize vata & kpha. A good carminative, digestive & galactogauge . Recommended in nursing mothers, indigestion, inflammation of uterus, reduced appetite

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