haritaki how to take, terminalia chebula how to use

how to take Haritaki / terminalia chebula

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How to use Terminalia Chebula

Dr.Jayashree Nataraj an eminent ayurvedic vaidye explains how to take Haritaki. She has thrown light on subject “how to use terminalia chebula or haritaki

Haritaki could be used with different vehicles during various seasons in order to achieve balanced doshas througout the year.

Haritaki should not be advocated for a long time in Pregnant

The fruits of Harithaki when cooked with steem acts as astringent and hence useful in diarrhea.



Harithaki kashaya / infusion can be used to wash the wounds.

Dr. K.S Jayashree MD (Ayu)
ayushree {at} rediffmail.com
Professor, Bangalore Govt Ayurvedic College

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