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Magnificent mango ( Magnifera Indica)

Ayurveda medicinal plants  > Magnificent mango ( Magnifera Indica) for erectile dysfunction, male impotence and as an aphrodisiac

Magnificent mango ( Magnifera Indica) for men

Mango belongs to the family “Anacardiaceae”. It has the scientific name “Magnifera Indica” and is widely found in India and south East Asia. Mango trees have deep roots and reach the height of 40 ft - 120 ft . Young mango leaves are copper in color and matured ones have deep green color. The flowers of mango tree are mostly male which supply pollens and few are bisexual which help in formation of fruits.


Bark, leaves, flower, seed, raw and riped fruits of mango have myriad medicinal uses. Texts of ayurveda mention various herbal preparations using different parts of mango tree. These preparations are used to normalize a variety of health conditions.



The Mango Bark, flower, leaves, and seed kennel are astringent and cause dryness of body tissues. Ripe mango fruit is sweet to taste and increases sliminess and mucous secretion. Raw Mango is sour in taste and vitiates all three doshas.

Ripe mango normalizes vata and pitta. It helps to relieve constipation and normalize digestion. Consumption of ripe mango increases hemoglobin in blood and is very useful in treating anaemia. Ayurvedic texts eulogize the uses of ripe mango as an aphrodisiac. It is known to rejuvenate male reproductive system and increase quality and quantity of semen. It also increases sexual energy (as it nourishes rakta dhatu) and stamina. Thus it helps in erectile dysfunction and low libido. This fruit is recommended for male impotence and also to increase potency of men. Ripe mango strengthens the body, increases body bulk and increases glow of skin

Bark, flower, leaves and seed kennel are used to prevent bleeding and to heal chronic wounds. These also help in controlling diarrhea and dysentery. The seed kennel helps to eliminate intestinal parasites and to control dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Seed kennel and tender leaves are useful in urinary tract infections. Bark and seed kennel are used in herbal preparations to reduce inflammation of uterus. Mango leaves reduce vomiting sensation.

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