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ayurveda fruit Amalaki -Emblica officinalis / amla

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Ayurveda fruit Amalaki -Emblica officinalis / amla

Botanical Description of -Emblica officinalis

BOTONICAL NAME : Emblica officinalis
FAMILY:  Euphorbiaceae
STRUCTURE: Small to medium in size tree(avg height 5.5 metres).
Bark:-light brown or black
Leaves:-10 to 13 mm long, 3 mm wide, closely set in pinnate fashion,give feathery appearance to branches.
Flowers:- Unisexual, pale green, 4 to 5 mm in length, borne in leaf-axils,occur in clusters of 6 to 10;
Fruits:-Fleshy, almost globose,depressed at poles, 2.15 cm. in diameter, 6 g in weight,color light green with light pink shade
Seeds:-Covered by hard shell, six-ribbed, splitting into three segments, each containing usually two seeds; seeds 4-5 mm long, 2 to 3 mm wi
HABITAT: The native of tropical South-Eastern Asia, particularly central and southern India. It is found in dry deciduous forests of India and Burma .It is also found in Ceylon and China.
PHARMACOLOGY: Rich source of vitamin C,The fruits are diuretic and laxative
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION : Contains phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Tannins and pectin. Also contains ascorbic acid



 Ayurvedic Description of Amalaki -Emblica officinalis

SANSKRIT NAME : Amalaki,Dhatri
LOCAL NAMES(in India) :amla, aonla, onilika (Hindi), amla, amlaki (Bengali), amalkamu, uririkai (Telugu), nelli (Tamil), aavala (Marathi),amali, ambala (Gujarati),amalaki, bettadanellikai (kannada) amlaki, amluki (Assam)
Guna :- Guru,Ruksha,sheetha
Rasa :- Amla pradhana(sour),
Veerya :-Sheeta
Vipaka :-Madhura
KARMA (Action) :
Tridoshahara (Balances vitiated Tridoshas)
Daha prashamana (relieves burning sensation),
Chakshushya (good for eyes)
Kushtaghna(rejuvenates skin),
Vrishya (aphrodesiac),
Keshya (Improves hair growth) Rasayana (Rejuvenates body systems),,

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