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Neem a Natural boon for diabetics

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  • Neem a Natural boon for diabetics
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    Neem a Natural boon for diabetics

    Neem is household name in India when home remedies are concerned. Ayurveda acharyas have quoted lengthy verses in praise of neem. In my clinical practice I have obtained positive feed backs from diabetic patients after using preparations and home remedies of neem. Here are few home remedies of neem which may help diabetic patients.

    For uncontrolled blood sugar-Neem leaves for Diabetes cure:
    A word of caution following a strict diet is very important to keep this condition under control. Uncontrolled blood sugar leads to erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, low libido, and heart and kidney problems.

    Collect 2-3 tea spoons of fresh neem flowers and tender neem leaves. Soak them overnight and crush it in blender with little water. Squeez the juice and mix ½ cup of water .Drink this in empty stomach in morning. Neem flowers and neem leaves can be collected during blossoming season and dried powder of this mixture can be used when the season ends. Take care to dry this mixture in hot sun and store in cool dry place. neem leaf is the best remedy for diabetes



    Skin infection
    Diabetics usually experience frequent skin infections due to bacteria, fungus and yeast. Applying a pack of crushed neem leaves once in a week help to prevent these infections. Collect fresh neem leaves and blend it to a fine paste. Apply this paste as body pack and wash it off after 20 minutes. Dried neem powder can be used if fresh neem leaves are not available. Mix plain water to dried neem powder and allow it to soften for 15 minutes before applying. This body pack may cause dry skin. Apply moisturizer after bath to overcome dryness of skin.

    Add few drops of neem oil to bathing water. This helps to keep the microbes away.

    In Diabetic foot:
    When you have fungal infection between toes wash your feet with luke warm water and dry completely with a soft towel (pat dry). Take care to dry thoroughly between toes. Apply neem oil at night between toes and wash it off with luke warm water and mild soap in morning. Repeat the same in morning.

    Harness the goodness of neem and beam with neem

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