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Ayurveda-health benefits  of Tribulus terrestris- Gokshura

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Ayurveda-health benefits of Tribulus terrestris- Gokshura

The plant Tribulus Terrestris , known as gokshura in ayurveda, has innumerable medicinal properties. In texts of ayurveda the medicinal properties of gokshura have been described as follows.

“Gokshuraha sheetalaha swaadurbalakrudvasthishodhanaha |
Madhuro deepano vrishyaha pushtidashmariharaha ||”
Pramehashwaasakaasaarshahakrichrahridrogsvatanut| (Bhava prakasha)

Gokshura is sweet to taste and has cooling properties. It is heavy and increases stickiness of tissues. Because of these properties it normalizes vata and pitta.



Balakrud : - Tribulus increases strength of muscles. Researches have shown that tribulus increases male hormone testosterone, which strengthen the muscles.
Vastishodhana :- It cleanses the bladder and boosts the resistance of bladder to infection. This property is very useful in treating cystitis.
Deepana : It increases appetite and normalizes digestion.
Vrishyaha: Gokshura acts as a very effective aphrodisiac. Its property of boosting testosterone level help to increase erection, sperm count and sperm motility. Hence it has been included as an active ingredient in Vajikarana preparations. It increases libido and helps in rectifying male impotence
Pushti: Tribulus terrestris helps to build body muscles and boost body energy. It also increases body immunity.
Ashmariharaha: It is of great use in treatment of renal calculi.
Prameha: This plant helps to reduce frequency of urination in diabetes, cystitis and urinary tract infection.
Shwaasa Kaasa: It is very useful in diseases of respiratory system like wheezing and cough.
Arsha: Tribulus helps to reduce symptoms of piles
Hridroga : Gokshura helps in protecting heart from cardiac diseases.

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