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ayurveda health benefits of Vidarikand or indian kudzu ( Pueraria Tuberosa )

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Ayurveda health benefits of  of Vidarikand ( Pueraria Tuberosa ) or Indian kudzu

Pueraria tuberosa or Vidarikand (in Sanskrit ) belongs to the family of Fabaceae. It is a perennial woody climber and has huge tuberous roots. A fully grown plant measures 5-6 meters in height. This plant bears white flowers with pink shade. It is mainly found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. It is popularly known as Indian Kudzu.

In ayurveda system of medicine, its roots are used for medicinal purposes. The roots contain Steroids, Sugars, Amino acids and Sterols. Researchers have evaluated the antimicrobial properties of this plant.

According to texts of ayurveda Vidarikand is heavy to digest and increases moisture level of tissues and stickiness of secretions. It is sweet to taste and this taste remains in all stages of digestion. It has tremendous cooling properties. Due to these properties it alleviates pitta and vata .




Health benefits of Vidarikand/ Indian kudzu

This tuber reduces dryness of body and eases bowel movement. It is very useful in relieving constipation.

It strengthens the body and boosts its immunity. This wonder herb acts as Rasayana and helps to slow down ageing process.

Vidaarikanda rejuvenates male reproductive system and increases quality and quantity of semen. This helps to increase sperm count and sperm motility.

This ayurvedic herb reduces vata and normalizes kapha. Due to these properties shukra dhatu increases. Shukra dhatu helps to increase hard erections, libido and sexual energy.

Vidaarikanda acts as an aphrodisiac and is known as vrishya. This is used in vajikarana preparations.

It acts as a galactogogue and is very useful for nursing mothers.

Due to its diuretic properties, it is used as an ingredient in ayurvedic diuretic preparations.

Consumption of this herb rejuvenates skin and increases fairness and glow. It is widely used in diseases of skin which cause discoloration. As increases moistness of skin it helps to reduce dryness of skin

This herb rejuvenates whole body and increases muscle bulk.

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