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Prevention of Benign Prostatic  hyperplasia  or BPH through ayurveda herbal remedies

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    Prevention of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH

    BPH occurs when Vata gets imblanced. The imbalnce of Vata can be prevented using some simple herbal remedies as age advances. These remedies are recommended for Men who are above 40.

    Using Vata Balancing oil for body massage (Product id VBO)
    Massaging this oil on body and taking a hot water bath in a tub or under shower balances vata and rejuvenates the body.

    Herbal tablets to balance vata by improving digestion. (Product id HTVT)
    Using herbal tablets or Vatis to improve digestion, Normalize bowel movements and prevent flatulence to balances vata. Constipation vitiates vata and apaana vata. Consuming these tablets in dose of 1 tablet twice daily with warm water after food balances vata

    Consult Dr.Savitha Suri and Dr.Krishna Rao to know about Benign prostatic hyperplasia preventive prpearartions . These preparartions   will be Shipped in India or outside India according to the requirement.

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