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Psoriasis - A natural ayurvedic herbal treatment




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Psoriasis - A natural ayurvedic herbal treatment

Benefits of  Psoriasis alternative Ayurvedic Herbal kit which acts as an ayurvedic remedy for psoriasis

Herbal Psoriasis Cream: Soothes the dry psoriatic patches, softens it, quickens healing process and reduces the dimensions of psoriatic patches within a short span of time. Rejuvenates the affected skin and prevents scaling and removes discoloration. Its is eulogised as an  excellent cure for psoriasis in ayurveda

Herbal gel: Softens the skin by increasing the moisture level of skin. The active ingredient of aloe Vera and tea tree oil help to keep the skin smooth, free of scars and marks. Aloevera and tea tree oil are natural remedy for psoriasis

Herbal tablet AGV: Detoxifies liver, purifies blood and rejuvenates the skin and boosts the immunity of skin to resist the flaring up of psoriasis. Normalizes the water element of skin. This psoriasis ayurvedic medicine help to slowdown the exaggerated cell multiplications.

Herbal detoxification tablets:  Expels body toxins. Boosts body immunity, Normalizes vata and kapha dosha which cause psoriasis


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