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Psoriasis Causes and ayurveda description




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Psoriasis Causes and ayurveda description

Psoriasis is a prolonged inflammation of skin. The causes of psoriasis are still unclear. This condition is neither infectious (Do not spread from one person to another) nor does it affect the general health. It affects both the genders and may start at any age.

Psoriasis is quite common, affecting around two per cent of the population, although people with very mild symptoms may not be aware they have it. Psoriasis can begin at any age but usually starts either around the age of 20 or between 50 and 60.


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Soothes the dry psoriatic patches, softens it, quickens healing process and reduces the dimensions of psoriatic patches within a short span of time. Rejuvenates the affected skin and prevents scaling and removes discoloration

Softens the skin by increasing the moisture level of skin. The active ingredient of aloe Vera and tea tree oil help to keep the skin smooth, free of scars and marks

Detoxifies liver, purifies blood and rejuvenates the skin and boosts the immunity of skin to resist the flaring up of psoriasis. Normalizes the water element of skin

Expels body toxins. Boosts body immunity, Normalizes vata and kapha dosha which cause psoriasis


Causes of Psoriasis
As said earlier according to modern medical science the causes of psoriasis are unknown .But the following factors can trigger psoriasis.

  • Heredity - If one parent is affected then there is 15% of chances for the child to suffer from psoriasis. If both the parents are affected then the possibility of child getting the psoriasis is 60%.
  • Throat infections trigger psoriasis.
  • Trauma or hurt on skin like cuts, bruises or burns may cause psoriasis.
  • Some medicines or skin irritants initiate psoriasis.
  • Smoking and alcohol are other two causes which activate psoriasis.
  • Mental stress or psychological trauma may also set off psoriasis

What does ayurveda say about psoriasis?

Psoriasis is caused by vitiation of vata and kapha dosha. The vitiated doshas affect the skin and blood tissues. They also influence water element of the affected region on skin. Thus the skin which is influenced by affected doshas becomes discolored (white or copper colored), scaly and thin.

Causes of vitiation of Doshas
Consuming opposite foods.
Controlling natural urges.
Exposure to severe climatic conditions
Consuming food that is too salty, too sour and/or too heavy for digestion.
Sleeping during the afternoon.
Taking bath in cold water immediately after physical exertion.
Mental stress.

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