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Relationship between stress and psoriasis


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Relationship between stress and psoriasis

Numerous medical studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between stress and psoriasis. This skin condition gives rise to stress and stress acts as a triggering factor for psoriasis. Thus stress induces psoriasis. This vicious circle aggravates the issue. If steps to break this cycle are adopted, the condition can be brought under control.

How psoriasis causes stress ?

  • A psoriasis patient becomes self conscious about lesions and patches on skin.
  • He or she gets stressed when people react to these lesions.
  • Sometimes carrying out their daily routine becomes painful due to bleeding sores.
  • Increased psoriatic lesions may demoralize an individual.
  • Cost involved in treatment may be high.
  • Psoriasis patients may get depressed if treatments do not yield expected results.

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How stress increases psoriasis ? or Is psoriasis caused by stress ?

  • Stress is a triggering factor for psoriasis.
  • Dermatological studies show that level of cortisol hormone drops during the phase when symptoms of psoriasis reduce. And also studies have shown that stress releases cortisol.

Tips to break stress-psoriasis cycle:

  • Practice Yoga and meditation . These are very effective relaxation therapies.
  •  Exercise regularly. This is the best stress buster.
  • Join a support group who motivates you to overcome stress.
  •  Practice deep breathing exercises (pranayama).
  • Get a massage to whole body. Use a herbal oil which helps to sooth the affected areas.
  • Indulge in your favorite hobbies. Hobbies keep you engaged and reduce stress level.
  • Take a break from regular work to visit friends or places you like.

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