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Obesity has become a major health problem. This problem has to be addressed with a priority. Even though a help from health professional is needed to fight this condition, it is the efforts of an individual which counts in large. Major ailments like heart diseases, joint pain, elevated blood pressure, polycystic ovarian diseases, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, diabetes etc surface when a person develops obesity. Health professionals advice to exercise regularly (to burn already accumulated fat) and to reduce calorie intake through diet.

How to lose weight after pregnancy:

Many women struggle hard to lose weight after pregnancy. Here are few useful tips to lose weight after pregnancy.

The process of body fat accumulation

Adipose tissue is specialized connective tissue that functions as the major storage site for fat in the form of triglycerides.

There are two different types of adipose tissues. They are

  • White adipose tissue.
  • Brown adipose tissue.

Most adipose tissue is white. White adipose tissue does three functions:

Causes of Obesity

Ayurvedic tips to reduce obesity

ayurveda remedies for obesity

ayurveda remedies for obesityNumerous tips to reduce obesity have been mentioned in ayurveda. The following ayurvedic tips help you to reduce the obesity.

Very good exercises. Exercises like brisk walking, jogging, playing out door games etc help to reduce weight.

Tips -How to reduce obesity naturally

tips to reduce obesity, how to reduce obesity naturally, home remedies to reduce obesity,

tips to reduce obesity, how to reduce obesity naturally, home remedies to reduce obesity,Win the weight through these home remedies to reduce obesity naturally:

Ayurvedic definition of obesity

Over weighted persons are at increased health risk than normal persons. They are more prone to chronic diseases like heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and few types of cancers. 

What is obesity?
Excess amount of body fat is Obesity.
Excess weight of muscles, bone, fat and water in the body (like body builders and athletes) is Overweight.

Is fat necessary to our body ?
Certain amount of body fat does the following function

Ayurveda description of Medha Dhatu ( Body fat )

“Swatejombu gunaasnigdho drktam medhobhijayate”

What is Liposuction ?

Liposuction is a plastic surgery used for cosmetic purposes. Lipo – means fat. The prefix “Lipo” is usually used to indicate fat. Removing body fat deposits through suction is “Liposuction”. This surgery is adopted to improve shape of an over weighted person’s body. Excess fat deposits, which spoil the body shape, are removed through this modern method. Lipoplasty and suction lipectomy are other names given to this surgery.

Burn and Lose your Body fat but not Muscle mass

Introduction :When a person is overweight, health professionals advise him to lose weight. Losing weight means burning extra fat accumulated in tissues of body. In this process there are chances that we may lose portion of lean muscle mass. When a person undertakes a weight loss program it is very important to give extra care to prevent loss of lean muscle mass.

Let us separately view over weight or obesity and lean muscle mass.


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