Erectile dysfunction due to old age – “Jaraja Klaibya”

Acharya charaka has given a detailed description of erectile dysfunction which is caused due to old age. According to Charaka samhita the age related sexual dysfunction occurs due to following reasons.

•In old age man faces under nourishment due to various reasons. Reduced production of digestive juices, inability to chew food due to weak teeth, medications are few of these reasons. The tissues of male reproductive system fail to get adequate nutrients and this leads to erectile dysfunction.

Benefits of body massage in elderly.

Massage therapy is usually recommended for persons who have aches, joint pain and muscular pain. These symptoms are very common in old age. Texts of ayurveda attribute vitiation of vata as causative factor for health problems in elderly.

Vitiated vata causes body ache, pain in joints, dry skin, weakness of muscles etc. Ayurveda acharyas recommend body massage with vata balancing oil like ksheerabala oil to normalize imbalanced vata.

The following are benefits of body massage in elderly.


Vaasaamsi jeernaani yatha vihaaya |
Navaani grihnaathi naroaparaani ||
Tathaa shareeraani vihaaya jeernaa|
Nyanyaani samyaathi navaani dehee ||

Dry Fruit Milk Mix for Elderly

dry fruit milk mix recipe, dry fruit milk for elderly, dry fruit milk mix

dry fruit milk mix recipe, dry fruit milk for elderly, dry fruit milk mixAged persons need more nutrients to aid the repair process of body. Their body needs more vitamins and proteins as it experiences continuous degenerative process. Elders‘ diet should be simple, nutritious and easily digestible.  Here is a recipe which help to supply good amount of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants , minerals and many more.

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